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Fighters ATO angered Putin’s propaganda photo of “Chapaev”

Бойцы АТО разозлили путинских пропагандистов фото с "Чапаевым"A parody of “Chapaeva” has caused a lot of discussions.

Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the zone of the antiterrorist operation, has recreated the scene from the movie “Chapaev”.

Reported about it in Facebook the journalist Andrey tsapliyenko.

He said that the guys from the 46th batallion, Vitaly Averin ( “Aver”) and photographer Yuri Velichko “swung” to the Russian concept #dedyvoevali and #prodigiously not accidental.

“This time the guys decided to intentionally annoy “propaganda” and to break down stereotypes. On the front straight made “the vile parody” still from the film “Chapaev”. For historical accuracy of this famous scene, by the way, too many questions. But historical truth. The battalion, which made these photos, without loss moved into a gray area for the village of Novoluganskoe. Now there is the Ukrainian flag,” – he wrote.

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The journalist said that the men accidentally got in the photo, which in Russia is considered offensive provocation.

“I pulled a gun, jumped on the parapet and shouted to the guys “on the attack! Guys, stop waiting for orders.” The men laughed and stopped thinking about the cold,” – said Aver…. Platoon over a trench, “Makar” in hand – a beautiful picture for Facebook. “No idea was not, – shrugged Yura (photographer – Ed.). – I just photographed. This they found in the picture the desecration of something sacred”, – said Tsaplienko.

In the picture Velichko saw the similarity with the famous “Combat” picture of World war II. The Russians excitedly rushed to accuse the author that he knowingly made the statement and violated all the standards of front-line journalism.

“And no one was interested, that is not a photo of the front. That’s his personal Facebook, not the newspaper. The inscription above the image (for those who in the tank) explains the situation. Most importantly, is accused of the jury, is an affront to the heroes of the great Patriotic war: “In the volunteer battalion “Donbass” soldiers often shamelessly mock the Holy things”, “On the face of the modern warrior read not courage, in his eyes visible snide grin”, “there she is, revealing hate”, “Soldiers of ATO take photos that defile cherished memory of the victims,” wrote Tsaplienko.

It was terribly cold. It chilled him to the bone, and no thermal underwear, no balaclavas were not saved from the burning skin, ice m…

Published by Andriy Tsaplienko 23 Jan 2017

Бойцы АТО разозлили путинских пропагандистов фото с "Чапаевым"
Бойцы АТО разозлили путинских пропагандистов фото с "Чапаевым"
Бойцы АТО разозлили путинских пропагандистов фото с "Чапаевым"

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