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Fighters 18 times fired at positions of fighters ATO

Боевики 18 раз обстреляли позиции бойцов АТОLosses among forces ATU per day in the Donbass were not.

In the area of ATO for the past day there were 18 attacks on Ukrainian positions by militants.

As reports a press-the ATO center, on the seaside direction, the terrorists fired from 82 mm mortars and heavy machine guns near the Water. Small arms were fired at the Ukrainian positions near Pavlopol.

On the Donetsk direction in the area of Lugansk terrorists fired from grenade launchers. Mortars of caliber of 120 mm and 82 mm and rocket-propelled grenades and small arms of various calibres were fired Ukrainian strongholds near the Heater. In addition, 82-mortars and infantry weapons the militants used in the suburbs of Avdeevka.

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On Lugansk the direction of 82 mm mortars terrorists fired at positions of ATO forces near Yellow. In the area of Popasnaya and Novotoshkivske was recorded activity of a sniper. Under fire from automatic mounted grenade launchers again hit position forces ATO in the area of Novotoshkovskoye. In the area of Happiness militants fired 82 mm mortars. Near the Crimean militants have used 120 mm mortar. Near Novoaleksandrovka terrorists fired from grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. And Novozvanovka – from small arms.

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The staff also added that for the last day of losses among the Ukrainian military no.

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