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Fight for youth: genes vs skin care

We all know that our skin with age and invariably will change. One day she will be not such smooth, moisturized and soft. The good news: studies have proven that genetics plays such a huge role as it seemed before, in which you will see yourself in the mirror in five, ten and twenty years. This means that you can control the age of the skin. We will tell you how.

The factor of “good” genes

A study conducted by Olay scientists and Harvard, showed that of the hundreds of women who took part in it, those who looked 10 years younger, had a particular gene expression (the process in which genetic information from the nucleotide sequence of DNA is converted into a functional product RNA or protein) in the skin cells.

As a result, the experts have teamed up with a private company 23andMe to analyze more women (about 155 million), which also looked 10 years younger. From initial clinical studies it has become clear that each “special” was a unique biological “marker” in the cells of the skin.
We wanted to find out, they looked so young just because were born with certain genetic characteristics. This would mean that no matter what beauty tools they used, leather remains in excellent condition— says Olay senior scientist Dr Frauke Neuser.

The experts came to the conclusion that the aging of the skin in the majority of cases determined by external factors of the environment and the specific behavior and lifestyle that we can control, but the influence of genetic variations on aging skin is incredibly small.

How to control the destiny of your skin

What you apply on your skin really matters (butyric, rejoice, for your face science!).
Genes are only the basis. At some point in lifestyle can begin to play a dominant role and become more important than heredity,— agrees Sejal Shah, a dermatologist from new York.

We can’t change their parents, but we can change our skin care, says American dermatologist Zeichner.

In other words, how we relate to the skin, having the same effect on aging as our genetics.


Anna Novikova, doctor-dermatovenerologist and cosmetologist of the clinic of aesthetic medicine TORI.

Genetics is very much dependent! Our identity is in our genes. So, for hydration and the production of hyaluronic acid, the specific gene, there is a group of genes responsible for synthesis and degradation of collagen, the group of genes responsible for immune response. Also have the genes for pigmentation, and so on.

The expert also notes that the rate of aging depends on the skin type. People who have dry, thin skin, was less fortunate. The skin faster and wrinkles appear. Dry skin is caused by the improper operation of the sebaceous glands, they are fewer, resulting in excessive loss of moisture from its surface.

Many people believe that our appearance genes responsible, and the makeup is almost powerless in front of nature. However, Anna Novikova explains that this is not a true statement. Differences in genes can enhance or weaken the work and interaction of our body with the external environment.

Now each of us has the opportunity to look into their past and find their future, having a genetic test Basis Genotech Group. You can take the test in the areas of “Beauty”, “Trichology”, “Dietetics” and “Active aging”.

Such studies help determine the characteristics of the patient, to avoid contraindicated procedures, and to develop individual effective program. So, the genetic test “Cosmetology” analyzes over 100 genetic markers associated with 17 categories, which are responsible for the health of the skin. The patient can learn about the risks of pigmentation, on the regenerative capacity of the skin, tendency to scarring. With this information, the specialist prescribes the treatment that he needed.

Beauty market was flooded with cosmetic products that promise to slow the skin aging process at the genetic level. We asked the expert, so what is it: a marketing ploy or a major achievement of modern scientists?

Indeed, scientists have found that aging skin goes through certain scenarios, which are responsible for certain groups of genes. Depending on this, the cosmetics company started to develop creams, serums, boosters, struggling with the problems of aging skin. The composition of such funds, as a rule, strengthened the “secret” patented complexes, which aimed to “reprogram” the skin. In addition, in the formula of these tools often add collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid — these ingredients improve the skin’s firmness, evens the complexion, increase the level of moisture. Funds with retinoids promote regeneration of the epidermis and strengthen the dermis. Vitamin C — a powerful antioxidant, prevents the development of oxidative processes and activating cell metabolism. High quality cosmetics with well-chosen composition is actually capable to restore dry skin, reduce the vascular mesh, saturate the skin with oxygen, to remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, enhance the ability of cells to regenerate.

Olay researchers found that women who usually use sunscreen, 78 percent meet the criteria that karakteriziraju “exclusive skin”. This term describes a person whose skin looks 10 years younger than his biological age. Early studies brand showed that about 10 percent of women are the owners of “exclusive skin” due to a genetic predisposition.

Zeichner notes that the Golden rule for those who dream of young skin, is the use of sunscreen every day (we repeat, every day, in the rain, on the street, in the office or on the beach).

The most serious factor responsible for skin aging is exposure to UV light because it causes free radical damage that destroys collagen and causes hyperpigmentation. Most of the women who said that they used SPF every day (or almost every day), not often sunbathed, had a noticeably more youthful skin than those who was originally “good” genes, but they did not use sunscreen regularly sunbathe.

Antioxidant protection of the skin

Says Zeichner after you turned 30, the natural antioxidant protection of your skin starts to weaken. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radical damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin. Best defender — Niacinamide (a vitamin B). It can be useful to strengthen the connective tissue skeleton of the skin, and lighten dark spots. It was also proven that it has anti-inflammatory properties.

And finally, at night, use a face cream that not just moisturizes. When you sleep, your body, including the skin, recovering and struggling with injuries. It is therefore important that the composition has, for example, peptides. They stimulate the production of collagen.

By the way, just this month in the Russian market there is a new “revolutionary” (as it is often called) is the procedure for the care and rejuvenation — LE-Portia Mistro from South Korea. According to the developers, the effect is comparable to injection methods of rejuvenation. This device helps to get rid of puffiness, dehydration, dark circles under the eyes, ptosis, acne, acne, rosacea, pigmentation in General, swoop to solve all the problems. Electronic device works in three modes: first, spray peptide serum, then the effect alternating current (so the active ingredients penetrate deep into the layers of the skin), and the final stage — light therapy red and blue light.

The procedure can be carried out before an important event (need 20 minutes) and to apply the rate to prolong the effect.

Also, don’t forget to properly wash off makeup, daily use of moisturizer and antioxidants and regularly otshelushivaet the skin. Exercise daily and take a multivitamin. And of course, a truism: sleep at least 7-8 hours (lack of sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lowers immunity, increases the level of cortisol, the so-called stress hormone, in the blood), drink the proverbial eight glasses of pure water a day, the maximum to avoid processed foods, no Smoking (wrinkles around the mouth, burst blood vessels, thin skin is only a small list of the problems smokers) and not to abuse alcoholic beverages (they dehydrate the skin and can cause pigmentation, hinder the absorption of vitamins and minerals and this is leading to dull skin, tired appearance, and acne).

Another important point — positive attitude to life.

People who are less stressed, and optimistic, as a rule, look younger. We all know that emotions greatly affect what happens to your skin. Therefore, when we are nervous, sad or depressed, it on our skin, it affects not the best way.

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