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Fifteen signs that you need to go to a psychologist

Пятнадцать признаков, что вам пора обратиться к психологуDo not underestimate the seriousness of these problems.

Experts say that cognitive behavioral therapy strengthens connections in the brain of people suffering from a serious problem of psychosis, significantly improving recovery in the long term.

Here are 15 signs of health that requires more serious intervention than simply accepting antidepressants. Here are some of the questions and concerns that may lead you to a door of the therapist.

1. Repetitive situations and events

Very often the trigger is the realization that over a long period of time, you repeat the same behaviors. Therapy can help you understand where you are stuck and how to break the vicious circle.

2. Family problems that make you unhappy

It is very difficult to take an inside look at the situation, especially when one feels right, and hurt a partner or another family member. Sometimes a sober view from outside is very helpful.

3. Feeling stuck

Stagnation in emotions on a daily basis for all day – reason enough for seeking help from a specialist. This condition is a sign that there is a problem, which is hiding somewhere and needs to be worked out.

4. I can not understand your thoughts

If you can’t make a decision about any of their next steps in life, constantly relying on the opinion of strangers, you will need to discuss this with a therapist. After all, it’s your life and responsibility for it lies in any case on you.

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5. The loss of meaning of life and the feeling that you never will be happy

Don’t let depressing thoughts pull you down. Waiting too long, that “it will pass by itself” leads to depression which causes suicidal thoughts and actions.

6. Hang in abusive relationships

The doctor can give you the confidence that you deserve the best. Will help to look at relationships from a different point of view and decide on further action.

7. Increased anxiety

Anxiety is a growing problem. And if your anxiety or unreasonable anxiety takes the better of you – contact a doctor.

8. Shadows of the past haunt you

Many people struggle, sometimes unconsciously, with things that happened in their past. Sometimes the person becomes the hostage of these situations, and life goes downhill. The therapist in this case will help to overcome fears of the past.

9.Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is caused by very frightening or sad events. This condition can develop after bereavement, divorce, bankruptcy, loss of jobs, during the hostilities. There are certain therapies aimed purely at the decision of this disorder.

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10. Addiction (from the moral to the physical)

If you feel that your addiction (alcohol, person, games) bothers you, talk about it with a specialist.

11. Eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia)

Remember, eating disorders are not only detrimental to health, but also become the cause of death.

12. Problems associated with infertility

This applies to women, who see the basis of its existence, but for certain reasons are unable to have them. The doctor will help to set priorities and accept yourself.

13. The death of a loved one

Sometimes the death of a loved one is having a lasting negative effect on life. Help of the therapist will be most welcome. After all, not everyone can sensitively and be sensitive to your condition.

14. Serious or incurable disease

Specialist will help to adapt and adjust to life in such a situation.

15. Complex interpersonal relationships

Understanding yourself is a big advantage when it comes to relationships with other people. The purpose of therapy is just to help you in this matter.

And remember, all the problem is mostly in your head. Sometimes it is enough just to change the direction of thoughts to change life. Be happy regardless of the circumstances!

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