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Fifteen shocking discoveries made in Egypt. Photo

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. ФотоA special place for archaeologists.

Egypt is not only pyramids, even if they are one of the wonders of the world, thousands of years, captivating mankind with its mystery. How many secrets keep the bulk of the pyramids and face on the Sphinx! And the whole Egyptian history is full of mysteries, and sometimes finds that make scientists in ancient Giza, near the pyramids, and the entire former territory of Ancient Egypt, more raise questions than give answers.

A Christmas Scene

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

205 year in the Sahara, an Italian archaeologist has discovered a strange rock carvings. He was silent about them for 11 years, not knowing how to interpret, and only in 2016 has announced that the figures – known to all Christians a Christmas scene with a manger and a baby in a manger. That’s just age cave murals – not less than 5000 years, that is, it was made for three thousand years before the birth of Christ. Which in this case, depicts a cave drawing? Mystery.

The remains of a whale by the age of 40 million years

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

In 1902, in the desert area of Wadi al-Khitaan archaeologists have discovered well-preserved remains of the ancient ancestor of the whale – basilosaurus, lived here 40 million years ago. The animal either was pregnant, or before the death ate the fellow, because his stomach was located another basilosaurus. Since then, in the same area found another 9 skeletons of basilosaurus, including the only fully intact skeleton of a known scientist. This area have long called the “valley of whales” that sounds very mysterious, given that today it is bare desert.

“The black boxes of the aliens”

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

One of the strangest recent discoveries near the pyramids South of Giza – 24 empty black boxes of granite weighing more than 100 tons each. Scientists were shocked by the meticulousness of the work on solid stone and are still in the dark about the purpose of these boxes, made more than 3,000 years ago. Some even claim that the boxes are not manufactured by the ancient Egyptians, and left on Earth, mysterious visitors from the stars.

The oldest skeleton of a giant

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

The body of Egyptian Pharaoh Sa-Nahda is considered to be the oldest known remains of a giant man. It had grown to a height of 1.90 inches – unprecedented for the ancient people! According to scientists who studied the skeleton of Sa-Nahda, it was the first of the known scientific cases of true gigantism on Earth.

The secret entrance to the pyramid

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

Egyptian Imani Naji found a secret tunnel under the basement of his house. As it turned out, the move led to one of the great pyramids of Giza. Digging in their own garden, 33-year-old resident of the village of al-Haramiya found tiles in the tunnel were leading straight to the pyramid of Khufu (Cheops). Archaeologists believe that in ancient times, this passage led to a secret temple on the banks of the Nile, but they still have a long work to find the true purpose of this ancient tunnel.

Mummified fetus

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

The youngest mummy was discovered by British archaeologists in 1907. The unborn human fetus was placed in a miniature coffin. His age, according to estimates of scientists, were 16-18 weeks. It is assumed that he died as a result of miscarriage in the mother. “The care with which he was buried germ, demonstrates great respect for Egyptian the mystery of human life,” says Julie Dawson, head of storage at the British Museum Fitzwilliam.

Erect penis Tutankhamun

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

The mummy of Tutankhamun was one of the most striking discoveries of scientists, Egyptologists. But most of all they were struck by the fact that the Pharaoh was buried according to Egyptian tradition, was different from other mummies little detail: he was laid in a tomb with a fully erect cock. Reinforced resin body raised to an angle of 90 degrees. Scientists don’t know why this was done, suggesting, however, that it has some relation to the religious activities of Tutankhamun, who rejected the new religion of sun, inculcated by his father, and during his short reign (he was in power from 10 to 19 years) tried to return people to the old gods.

Cosmic jewelry

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

Decoration, discovered in 1911 in the tomb in the village of El-Gerze, whose age is estimated at 5000 years, considered the oldest on Earth. Beads were made of iron from space, brought to Earth by meteorites, almost 2,000 years before the iron age, and combined in one necklace with pieces of gold and precious stones. But for science the iron beads are the most precious. The presence of cobalt and Germany, confirms their space origin, and age suggests that, perhaps, worked them not on Earth – because the blacksmith didn’t exist yet.

Mummy crocodile

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

One of the most interesting findings were mummies 47 young crocodiles. According to the researchers, they became victims of the God-crocodile Sebek. Some Egyptologists believe that the Egyptians were specially grown crocodile for victims of Sebek, the river God, although caught by the adults was for them an object of worship.

Book of spells

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

In the 1970s in Upper Egypt was found a book of spells, which consisted of 1300 years. It was written in the VII-VIII century in Coptic. The book is not yet fully deciphered, but scientists have found it love spells, spells to drive away evil spirits, healing and cursing spells. Scientists called it “Egyptian Handbook of magical forces”. They believe that in the not yet decoded part of the book is kept more secrets that will reveal the truth about the beliefs of the past.

Underwater city

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

Heraklion (Egyptian – Tonis) was a major trading city in ancient times. According to legend, it was founded by Alexander the great, here was crowned Cleopatra. For many years he was considered erased from the face of the Earth. Some scientists even considered it a mythical, as once Troy. However, the archaeologists were able to detect it in the sea, near the mouth of the Nile, 50-meter depth. Heraklion was discovered very recently, in 2000, and since then his countless treasures open to the archeologists the all-new mystery stories.

Brewery for the gods

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

The ancient Egyptians liked to drink and even held a special “Feasts of drunkenness”. They had a special and brewery, dedicated to the gods. This was learned recently when archaeologists found a tomb 3000 years old, the inscription on which States that it is the grave of “the chief brewer of the God of the dead.” Egyptologists confirm: alcohol in Ancient Egypt played an important role as a means of amusement for people, and as an offering to the gods. And it was simultaneously the most popular and most affordable types of drinks.

Six prehistoric species of bats

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

In 2008, during excavations in the vicinity of Cairo, studying fossilized remains, archaeologists have discovered prehistoric skeletons of six species of bats. Most striking was the fact that they were not extinct and existing species. It made scientists seriously consider the origin of modern bats: previously it was believed that they first appeared in Europe, but now it turns out that, perhaps, they come from North Africa.

The secret city under the pyramids

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

A real underground labyrinth of the 1,500 premises were found near Giza in 2008. The Egyptian authorities tried to deny its existence, but scientists still carried the truth to the world. That’s just what was the purpose of this underground city? Scientists still know no more about it than politicians.

Boats Of Abydos

Пятнадцать шокирующих открытий, сделанных в Египте. Фото

The Abydos boats were intended to carry pharaohs into the afterlife. They were found in the Sands of Egypt, their age is estimated at 3000 years. Just archaeologists found 14 boats, the length of which is from 18 to 25 meters. For each fit to 30 rowers. This giant fleet still amazes historians with the might and perfection: before the discovery of the Abydos boats they believed the Egyptians are much less skilled in shipbuilding.

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