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Fifteen of the strongest armies in the world. Photo

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. ФотоThe first place remains for the United States.

Typically, these ratings are compiled on the basis of data from Global Firepower or Credit Suisse. The military power of each state is evaluated according to different criteria, nuclear capabilities, or lack of it are not taken into account.

How to determine the real balance of power among the States involved in military conflicts? The rankings of the armies usually takes into account parameters such as budget, the size of the army, the number of weapons (armored vehicles, airplanes, aircraft carriers and submarines). The technical level of the arms affects the position in the list to a lesser extent, and almost never have the opportunity to evaluate the real efficiency of the army. Nuclear potential or its absence in this list were not taken into account. In her place was influenced by the economic situation of countries.

The organization estimates the Global Firepower military capabilities more than one hundred countries on 50 different criteria. In 2016, the United States was the first in the world on parameters such as country-owner of a very large military budget, the greatest number of carriers and the largest fleet. Russia leads in the number of tanks (15 thousand) and nuclear warheads (8,484 units). China is ahead of all in the size of the army.

Recently the National Interest magazine made a prediction on the combat power of the armies of the world in 15 years. The analysis was conducted on the basis of the following parameters: access to innovation and other important national resources, support from politicians and the ability of the armed forces to study and improve in peace. In the end, the five most powerful armies, in their opinion, will enter the armed forces of India, USA, France, China and Russia.

This rating, compiled by the American portal The Richest can cause some issues. For example, the army of Israel gives Egypt one position, mostly due to the number of employees and tanks. However, in all confrontations the first country was always victorious over the second, despite numerical superiority. Strange also that the list does not include Iran, with its half a million soldiers, 1,500 tanks, and 300 combat aircraft. Our readers will probably be many more questions to this list.

15. Australia

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $ 26.1 billion
The number of active troops: 58 thousand people
Tanks: 59
Aircraft: 408
Submarines: 6
Australian army has a long and glorious history, she participated in the First and Second world war as part of the British Empire. Australian sun always participating in all NATO operations. In accordance with the national doctrine of Australia should be able to stand alone against invasion from outside. Located on the edge of the world, without any competitors, Australia is one of the safest countries, like ground invasion impossible. The Australian defence force is relatively small, but technologically advanced. They are formed on a professional basis only from Australian citizens, technically well equipped, has a modern fleet and many military helicopters. With a small number of staff, but with a serious budget, VS Australia is able if necessary to deploy its troops in several locations simultaneously.

14. Germany

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $40.2 billion
Population: 180 thousand people
Tanks: 408
Aircraft: 663
Subs: 4

After the Second World war, Germany 10 years did not have their army. During the confrontation between the West and the Soviet Union, the Bundeswehr consisted of up to half a million people, but after the unification of East and West Berlin, the authorities abandoned the doctrine of confrontation and sharply reduced investment in defense. Apparently, therefore, the rating of Credit Suisse, for example, the armed forces of the GDR were behind even Poland (and in this ranking Poland does not). At the same time, Berlin is actively sponsoring the Eastern NATO allies. After 1945 Germany was never directly involved in a major operation, but they sent troops to its allies in support during the civil war in Ethiopia, the Angolan civil war, the Bosnian war and the war in Afghanistan.
Whenever we hear about the German military, as it is impossible not to remember Adolf Hitler, who was responsible for the death of about 6 million Jews and many millions of people of other Nations…
The Germans today, few submarines and no aircraft carrier. The German army has a record number of inexperienced young soldiers, making it weaker; they are now planning to rebuild their strategy and implement new processes in recruitment.

13. Italy

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $34 billion
The number of the army: 320 thousand.
Tanks: 586
Aircraft: 760
Subs: 6

A combination of military forces of the Italian Republic is designed to protect the freedom, independence and territorial integrity of the state. Consist of ground forces, naval forces, air force and carabinieri.
Italy has not directly participated in armed conflict in any countries in recent times, but is always involved in peacekeeping missions and deployed its troops in the war against terrorism.

Weak during the Second world war, currently the Italian army has two active aircraft carriers, where a large number of helicopters; they have submarines that enables them to be included in the list of most powerful armies. Italy is not at war, but is an active member of UN —willingly sends troops into countries which ask for help.

12. UK

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $60.5 billion
The number of the army: 147 thousand
Tanks: 407
Aircraft: 936
Subs: 10

After the Second World war Britain rejected the idea of military dominance around the world in favor of the United States, however, the Royal armed forces still wield considerable power and take part in all NATO operations. After the Second world war in Britain were three great wars with Iceland, which did not become a victory for England — it was defeated that allowed Iceland to expand their territory.

The United Kingdom once a rule more than half the world, including India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland, it becomes much weaker over time. Military budget of the UK was reduced due to BREXIT, and they plan to reduce the number of its soldiers during 2018.

Part of Her Majesty’s Navy of several nuclear submarines with strategic nuclear weapons: a total of about 200 warheads. By 2020 it is expected the commissioning of aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth”, which will be able to carry 40 F-35B.

11. Israel

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $17 billion
Number: 160 thousand
Tanks: 4 170
Aircraft: 684
Subs: 5

The main enemy of Arabs, Israel is fighting for its independence since 1947; he is always in a continuous war with Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and other Arab countries.
Israel has claimed five consecutive victories in previous wars against Hamas and Palestine from 2000, when strong reinforcements of the U.S. forces.
A country that is not recognized by 31 countries (18 of which are Arabic) are still fighting against their enemies. By law, all Israeli citizens, including dual nationals living in another country and all residing in the territory of the state, at the age of 18 be recruited to serve in the IDF. The period of compulsory military service, 36 months — 3 years (32 months for combat troops), for women is 24 months (2 years). After the regular service all persons privates and officers can be called up annually for reservist fees for up to 45 days.

The strength of the IDF — the use of technology in upgrading its missile defense systems. The army consists of 3 types of armed forces: land, air and naval. Started implementation of the decision on the creation of a fourth branch of the armed forces – cybernetic troops. Business card IDF — soldiers-women who proved that weak floor machine is no less effective than a strong one. Already not to mention the fact that according to unconfirmed reports, armed Israel is about 80 nuclear warheads.

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Israel — traditionally the most undervalued participant of the rating of Credit Suisse. The IDF won all the conflicts in which he participated, and the Israelites often had to fight on several fronts against vastly superior in number enemy. In addition to the large number of new offensive and defensive weapons of its own design, the rating does not take into account the fact that the country has several hundreds of thousands of reservists with combat experience and high motivation.

10. Egypt

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $4.4 billion
The size of the army: 468 thousand
Tanks: 4 624
Aviation: 1 107
Subs: 4

Fighting on the side of the Arab Alliance against Israel in 4 wars, Egypt has never waged major battles against any other countries but participated several times in operations against the terrorist groups of ISIS. As in Israel, military service is compulsory for Egyptian men, they are going to happen for 9 years. Today Egypt is trying to keep the peace in their own country and wage war with terrorism.

The army of Egypt was in the rating due to the size and amount of equipment, although as shown by the Yom Kippur war, even a three-fold superiority in tanks and a high leveled combat skills and technical level of weapons. Initialed or signed as of 2014 contracts worth more than $3 billion for the supply from Russia 24 fighters MiG-29M/m2 air defense systems, Kornet anti-tank, combat helicopters: Ka-25, Mi-28 and Mi-25, Mi-35. Light weapons. Coastal anti-ship systems. All contracts initiated after the suspension of military and financial aid to Egypt from the United States. It is known that about a thousand “Abrams” sun of Egypt just mothballed in warehouses. If Cairo will acquire the helicopter carrier type “Mistral” helicopter gunships to them, it will make Egypt a really serious military force.

9. Pakistan

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $7 billion
The number of the army: 617 thousand
Tanks: 2 924
Aircraft: 914
Subs: 8

The first major war was fought in 1965 against the biggest enemy of India, the military action was quite successful, India withdrew its troops. The second war was due to internal politics of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), when the Indian army took revenge for 1965 and played his hand, breaking the country into two parts. Pakistan did not reach agreement on borders with India: remain disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, formally, countries in conflict, under which the arms race.

Pakistan army is one of the largest in the world, it has a lot of tanks and aircraft, the US supports Islamabad technique. The main threat is internal, in remote areas of the country are ruled by local leaders and the Taliban. Pakistan has ballistic missiles, medium-range and about a hundred nuclear warheads. Paki boundless love and respect their armed forces, and often seek justice from the army (instead of the courts and the government). Pakistan is said to have friendly relations with the superpowers, including the USA, China and Turkey, who are always ready to support them. In recent joint military exercises with the Russian army made the Pakistani armed forces are much stronger, though their biggest enemy India was supported by Russia in the previous wars against Pakistan.

8. Turkey

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $18.2 billion
The number of the army: 410, 500 thousand
Tanks: 3 778
Aviation: 1 020
Subs: 13

Turkey is an active member of the United Nations; it took part in the Korean war between China and Korea. They fought in two major battles with Cyprus in 1964 and 1974 and won, occupying 36.2% of the territory of Cyprus. They are still engaged in ongoing wars in Afghanistan against the Taliban and ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Turkey aspires to the role of regional leader, and therefore constantly increases and updates the armed forces. A huge number of tanks, aircraft and a large modern fleet (except carriers) allows the Turkish army is considered the strongest among the Muslim countries of the Middle East.
Semi-European, semi-Asiatic power, has the second largest army in NATO after the United States, is one of the most trained military force in the world. Turkey possesses a treasure of more than 200 F-16 aircraft, is the second largest fleet after the US. Despite the large number of well-trained military, the Turkish armed forces do not enjoy special popularity among the people. In early 2016, when the military tried to stage a coup, they were defeated by ordinary citizens who took to the streets and restored the elected government.

7. France

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $62.3 billion
The number of the army: 205 thousand
Tanks: 623
Aviation: 1 264
Subs: 10

France is one of the few countries in the armed forces which have almost full range of modern weapons and military equipment of its own production — from small arms to shock nuclear aircraft carriers (which, except for France, there is only the United States). France is the only country (besides Russia) that owns a system of radar guided missiles.
Military history of France lasts for more than 3,000 years. France participated in the First and Second world wars and faced a major defeat. Other major events of the military history of this country: the French-Thai war, a war for the independence of Tunisia, the Algerian war of independence in 1954-1962. After this, France did not participate in large battles, but sent troops to war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. The French army is still the main military power in Africa, it continues to intervene in local conflicts.

In 2015, in France was completed the reform of the armed forces, which began in 1996. In the framework of this reform was the abolition of conscription and the transition took place to a mercenary army, less numerous but more effective. The total number of French armed forces has significantly decreased.
Recently has been put into operation impact nuclear aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”. Currently France has about 300 strategic nuclear warheads, which are placed on nuclear submarines. There are also 60 tactical warheads.

6. South Korea

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $62.3 billion
The number of the army: 625 thousand
Tanks: 2 381
Aviation: 1 412
Subs: 13
The main war, which involved this country — the Korean war in 1950. Often this conflict of the cold war is seen as a proxy war between USA and their allies and forces of China and the Soviet Union. Part of the Northern coalition were: North Korea and its armed forces, Chinese army (because officially it was believed that the Chinese conflict was not involved, the regular Chinese troops formally considered compounds the so-called “Chinese people’s volunteers”); the Soviet Union, which is also not officially involved in the war, but largely took over its funding, as well as supply of Chinese troops. Numerous military advisers and specialists were withdrawn from North Korea before the war and during the war shipped back under the guise of a TASS correspondent. From the South in the war took part South Korea, USA, UK and several other countries as part of UN peacekeeping forces. Interestingly, In China, there is a “War against America for support of the Korean people”. In 1952-53 years in the world, much has changed (the new President in the United States, the death of Stalin, etc.), and the war ended in a truce.

The armed forces of South Korea are highly supported by US forces, making them stronger. South Korea retains numerous armed forces, although in terms of quantity in all but the aircraft continues to lose its main potential enemy — North Korea. The difference, of course, the technological level. Seoul — the latest your and Western development of Pyongyang’s Soviet equipment 50 years ago.

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It is interesting that the leader in the number of submarines is considered to be North Korea (35th place in the ranking Global Firepower), which there are 78 units. However, it is noted that they are almost completely unsuitable for use. A third of the submarines in North Korea — noisy diesel Romeo, which was outdated even in 1961.

5. India

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $51 billion
The number of the army: 1,408,551
Tanks: 6 464
Aviation: 1 905
Subs: 15
Presently, India is surely among the top ten world powers in terms of their military potential. The armed forces of India are inferior to the armies of the United States, Russia and China, they are strong and numerous. Speaking of the armed forces of India, it is worth remembering that India is the world’s largest importer of arms (as of 2012), and also has nuclear weapons and means of delivery. In addition to direct armed forces in India has a variety of paramilitary groups, which serves more than a million man national security force, special frontier force, a special paramilitary forces. The fact that India has about a hundred nuclear warheads, three aircraft carrier and two nuclear submarines in service makes it fifth in the ranking of the most powerful.

4. Japan

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $41.6 billion
The number of the army: 247, 173
Tanks: 678
Aviation: 1 613
Subs: 16

The last battle of the Second world war was the nightmare of Japan, which had suffered a nuclear attack from the United States. After the defeat in world war II the Imperial Japanese army was disbanded, and military factories and schools are closed. The occupation authorities banned even martial arts. Was also prohibits the manufacture of Japanese swords that lasted until 1953. In 1947 a Constitution was adopted in Japan, which was legally enshrined Japan’s refusal from participation in military conflicts. The only country that suffered nuclear attacks, are not permitted to create its own army.

However, in the period of the American occupation begins the creation of the armed forces in 1950 was created the reserve police corps; in 1952 it was converted into housing security, in 1954, reorganized into the self-defense Forces of Japan. The self-defense forces of Japan is the modern name of the armed forces of Japan. The armed forces are: land force, Maritime and air self-defense forces of Japan. It can be argued that in our days, Japan has a very large and relatively modern aircraft, powerful enough in the Asia-Pacific region and is able to solve almost any problem. 19 September 2015 the Japanese Parliament were allowed to use the self-defense Forces to participate in military conflicts abroad.

High-tech sun Japan is equipped with advanced gadgets and the latest weapons that makes them one of the strongest in this list. In recent years, Japan has deployed troops for the first time since the Second world war in southern Sudan as part of UN peacekeeping missions. As part of the armament of the Japanese self-defence Forces there are 4 helicopter carriers and 9 destroyers. However, Japan has no nuclear weapons and that, along with a small number of tanks makes some experts think that the position of this army is overrated.

3. Russia

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $84.5 billion
The number of the army: 766 033
Tanks: 15 398
Aviation: 3 429
Subs: 55

Ground the Russian army is the most powerful in the world, which is ensured by the latest military equipment. The budget allocated by the government for army needs, production and procurement of military equipment amounts to more than 84 billion. Military air fleet includes more than 3 thousand airplanes. Not less equipped and Maritime fleet of 55 submarines and 1 aircraft carrier. In stock the country has more than 8 thousand nuclear warheads and 15 thousand units of armored vehicles.

Russia is constantly investing in its military budget and produces the latest planes, helicopters and ammunition. By 2020, Russia plans to add a further six army aviation bases to the eight existing ones. In addition, more than a thousand new helicopters it is planned to put into operation.

2. China

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $216 billion
The number of the army: 2,333,000
Tanks: 9 150
Aviation: 2 860
Subs: 67

The people’s liberation army of China — the official name of the armed forces of China, the largest in the world. China is the most populated country in the world with the largest number of soldiers; serve approximately 2,333,000 people (only 0,18% of the population). China increases its military budget by 12% every year, in order to become a superpower to counter the United States. The law provides for conscription for men 18 years old; volunteers are accepted up to 49 years. The age limit for a member of the army reserves — 50 years. The armed forces of the PRC is divided into five areas of military command and three Navy, organized on a territorial basis: East, North, West, South and center.

After the surrender of Japan, the Soviet Union gave the PLA captured weapons of the Kwantung army: ships Patterns river flotilla, 861 aircraft, 600 tanks, artillery, mortars, 1,200 machine guns, and small arms, ammunition and other military equipment.

The official Chinese claim that in the course of development of weapons China does not exceed manageable levels, which is able to withstand the economy and society, and especially not committed to the arms race. However, the defense spending of China has increased dramatically in the years 2001-2009.

Second economy in the world has the largest army, but by the number of tanks, planes and helicopters are still considerably lags behind not only the US but Russia. But the defense budget is larger by 2.5 times. As far as we know, on duty China holds several hundred nuclear warheads. However, some believe that, in actual fact, China may be several thousand warheads, but that information is classified.

1. USA

Пятнадцать сильнейших армий мира. Фото

Budget: $ 601 billion
The number of troops: 1,400,000
Tanks: 8,848
Aviation: 13,892
Submarines: 72

The US military budget is comparable to previous countries in the ranking. The Navy has 10 of the most powerful aircraft carriers, half of which is considered to be the largest in the world. The superpower in the supply of 1.4 million soldiers. A third of the gross income of the country is spent on the development of the army and military equipment is about $ 600 billion. The American soldiers at the disposal of the most modern military equipment, which is updated periodically. USA has nuclear potential, which includes 7.5 thousand nuclear warheads. Also country is famous for their tanks, and their armor has more than 8 thousand units. The state also has the largest military fleet in the world, accounting for around 13 682 side.

Some experts say that the United States can never be captured, as they possess the strongest fleet with the maximum number of ships and submarines. The American army owns about 15 million hectares of land throughout the United States and Americans have their military bases almost all over the world (at least 158). In 2011 the newsletter of the army reported that they estimated that it spent about 22 gallons of fuel per day per soldier.

USA are investing billions of dollars in the development of new military technologies, allowing US to remain leaders in the field of robotics. Recently, the US army aims to create new cyber-corps and increase of soldiers in the cyber crime. Their duty is to ensure the security of networks and information databases and systems to protect against cyber attacks.

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