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Fifteen most beautiful waterfalls on the planet. Photo

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. ФотоFor them to go on a trip.

Some of them are located in an incredibly beautiful tropical forests, others fall in a unique, deep caves, and some into the ocean – waterfalls with amazing features there are in different parts of the world. In creating some of them were directly involved, while the other over millions of years has shaped nature. Combines unique natural attractions incredibly well-balanced, admire them and enjoy the sound of water endlessly.

Many famous waterfalls are located on the territory of large national parks, every year they are visited by thousands of tourists. To get to some fabulously beautiful waterfalls is quite difficult, they are securely hidden in remote mountain areas or among the impenetrable jungle. Want to enjoy natural beauty and variety of entertaining holiday tour? Then be sure to visit one of the most amazing waterfalls in the world!

The Augrabies Falls, South Africa

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

In South Africa there is a unique augrabies falls, it is located in the eponymous national Park. The height of this waterfall is about 60 meters, translated from one of the local dialects, its name means “place of great noise”. One of the main features of the augrabies falls is a gorge, whose depth is 240 meters, and a length of 18 km. the Waterfall looks very impressive, hear the sound of it is really possible from a distance.
The water drop height, Augrabies ranks third in Africa in this respect it is inferior even to the legendary Victoria falls. The current name of the waterfall got in 1778, it was invented by a Finnish researcher Hendrik Jacob Vikar. Waterfall is incredibly powerful and amazing amount of discharged water in the flood period, it resets the order of 7 000 cubic metres of water per second. For comparison, we can say that the world-famous Niagara falls per second resets the order of 6 800 cubic meters of water.
Travelers who decide to visit the unique natural landmark of Africa, will have the opportunity to admire the incredible scenery. Waterfall surrounds the spectacular rolling hills, covered with sparse vegetation, at first glance nature may seem meager and uninteresting – it also has a lot of incredible features.

The Barron Falls, Australia

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Altitude: 256 meters. In Australia, one of the most spectacular and interesting place to visit is the Barron falls, located on the eponymous river. To admire this natural attraction experienced travelers recommend in the rainy season when the volume of water in the waterfall maximum. The travelers who visit the coastal plain of Cairns in the dry season, instead of a huge raging waterfall can be seen only a small trickle.
The remarkable Barron falls not only for its strength but also the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. A trip to the waterfall will be an unforgettable adventure to get to the national Park offer travellers a tourist train that runs from Cairns to Kuranda. Once passing through the territory of the national Park railway was used exclusively for freight, and in the 19th century, it was decided to let the passenger train which runs between the cities for over a hundred years.
Retro-train is an incredible design, its path follows through a lot of tunnels and bridges, so the trip will definitely not be boring. One of the key stops of the train is at the Barron falls, tourists are offered to stroll through the picturesque neighborhoods and admire the torrents of water that break from the height of 256 meters. Near the waterfall for tourists has been equipped with several convenient viewing platforms, so enjoy the streams of water in the best possible conditions. The best time for tours to the national Park is spring.

Waterfall Baatar, Lebanon

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Altitude: 255 meters. In Lebanon in the region of Tannourine is a waterfall Baatar, it is notable that falls in the same limestone cave. A unique natural formation was discovered relatively recently, in 1952, today the waterfall with a height of 255 meters is one of the outstanding natural attractions of the country. The cave in which the waterfall falls, is also of great interest, often referred to as “the cave of three bridges”.
For hundreds of years under the influence of water and wind, she found a unique form, in a deep cave really has formed some semblance of three limestone bridges. The waterfall is simulated for bridges, a combination of natural complex looks simply inimitable. According to scientists, the waterfall Baatar is one of the oldest on the planet, it was formed about 160 million years ago.
The fact that the waterfall is such a long time remained unknown, does not seem surprising. The area in which it is located, is covered with dense vegetation, therefore, to find in it a deep cave with a waterfall is extremely difficult. To reveal to the world the amazing sight was lucky enough to the famous Explorer Henry Koivu. A few years ago, tourists had the opportunity to walk along the stone bridges of the cave and see the waterfall in the vicinity. After the studies, the bridges were deemed too fragile, so today you go to them is prohibited.

Marmore, Italy

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Height: 165 meters. One of the most spectacular waterfalls of Italy is Marble falls. At first glance it is difficult to assume that this waterfall is artificial, it was created by the ancient Romans. The height of the waterfall is 165 meters, which allows him since the creation of the tallest man-made waterfall in the world and one of the highest in Europe. Marble falls is located in the immediate vicinity of Terni, the supply source is the Velino river, and a waterfall flows into the valley formed by the river Nera.
Since the waterfall is artificial, it is to admire it can not always. The floodgates opened strictly according to the current schedule, for many years, the waterfall is used to adjust the operation of the plant. Tourists always have the opportunity to Refine the schedule “of the waterfall” and visit the attraction on the day. The history of the construction of an artificial waterfall is incredibly interesting.
In the prehistoric era, the river Velino has formed extensive wetlands, according to local residents, it served the cause of the spread of serious diseases. The construction of a canal to divert water began in 271 BC by order of Mania Curia of Dentata. Over time, the canal fell into disrepair, artificial waterfall, which contemporaries can see today was built in the middle ages. Already in the 18th century scenic spots have begun to attract travelers, next to a waterfall was built the first bridges and viewing platforms.

Waterfall Cummins, USA

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Height: 26 meters. In the state of Tennessee is the largest private waterfall in the world – Cummins, it is located on the Blackburn Fork Creek. The height of this waterfall is 26 meters, the volume of water it occupies the eighth place in the state. The main feature of the waterfall are large swimming bowl, here you can enjoy water treatments surrounded by the rippling cascades of water. The bowls are arranged on two levels, one of them is small, and the second is quite deep.
1825 falls and its surrounding Park belong to the family of Cummins, are open to the public, they have become recently. Surrounding the falls area in 2011 received the status of a public Park, today a picturesque Park is a favorite destination among the locals, and curious tourists. Travelers should note that access to the Park through organised tours, sign up for that in advance.

Waterfall Detian – Banyue, China — Vietnam

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Height: 30 meters. On the border of China and Vietnam, is a picturesque waterfall Detian – Banyue, which has long been considered a landmark of world importance. The waterfall is 30 meters, it consists of three stages, which is divided into a plurality of individual streams with trees and stones. The waterfall looks simply incredible and produced their thunder can be heard at a considerable distance. The power of the waterfall Detian – Banyue can be assessed during the floods, and when it is completed, are located in different States, the waterfalls are divided into two.
In an unusual waterfall has a secret, and above it is a small road that leads to the stone. This stone was then designated the border between Vietnam and China, one of the assumptions the stone in this place was installed in 1979. For many tourists the greatest interest represents the bottom of the waterfall, which was equipped with a viewing deck and a beautiful recreation area. Here is a few small hotels, cozy restaurants and cafes, and souvenir shops.
For those who like the unusual, will be offered to explore the pools of the falls on a bamboo raft, the most suitable time to visit the natural attractions is the period from November to April. Near the waterfall is another important natural landmark, the gorge To where you can see a lot of rare species of plants. Hikers will have the opportunity to visit an amazing Forest water rock and look in the ancient karst caves.

Erawan Waterfall, Thailand

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Height: 831 meter. In Thailand near Kanchanaburi is the Erawan waterfall, which is considered to be one of the most picturesque in the world. The waterfall consists of 7 cascades, which gradually flow down the slopes, the height of the cascades is from 3.5 to 24 meters. The waterfall seems incredibly smooth and relaxing, admiring it gives a pleasant feeling of euphoria. Completed waterfall beautiful swimming pool, where the water is because of the high content of limestone has a rich azure hue.
The total height of the waterfall is lovely 831 meter, its source is the river Mongla. The total length of the waterfall is also quite impressive and is about 1 700 meters. The name of the waterfall was named after the mythical three-headed elephant, as its seventh cascade is very similar to the outlines of his figure. Travelers who wish to see the Erawan waterfall, will offer an unforgettable walk through the beautiful deciduous forests.
The path to the waterfall passes through the fabulously beautiful places, to admire the waterfall was equipped with many convenient bridges and wooden terraces. Each pool waterfall is unique in some basins are home to rare species of fish. To see the last cascade of the falls, you must climb to the top of the cliffs on bamboo ladders, a visit to the Erawan waterfall promises to be very informative and exciting event. Everyone will be able to stay in the picturesque national Park a few days near the waterfall for tourists was opened miniature hotels.

Waterfall Hidden Alley, Belize

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Altitude: 457 meters. In Belize there is a legendary waterfall Hidden Alleys, it is located on the territory of the natural reserve of Mountain Pine Ridge. The waterfall is 457 meters, it is incredibly beautiful and in combination with the surrounding scenery is fantastic spectacle. The area in which the waterfall is located, is unique from a Botanical point of view. Surrounding the waterfall, the mountain slopes are covered with pine trees, nowhere else in the world pine does not grow so close to the equator.
Only on the territory of nature reserve is more than ten waterfalls, each of which has its own unique features. Near some waterfalls were built luxury villas, rest wealthy travelers. Other waterfalls form a very beautiful pools in which swimming is permitted. Near some waterfalls breeds rare species of birds, and in the basins of the other waterfalls it is possible to see rare fish. Waterfall Hidden Alleys is the largest not only in the territory of the reserve, but also on the territory of Central America, for which he received the status of National monument.
Excursion to the unique waterfall is paid, it costs about 1 dollar. This includes refreshments and visit the artisan shops nearby. For many years the caretaker of the waterfall is made of wood amazing decoration that tourists gladly purchase as Souvenirs. Waterfall Hidden Alleys known to many travellers and under a different name – “Waterfall thousands of Feet,” whereas his real height is so much more.

The Huangguoshu Waterfall, China

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Height: 77 meters. Width: 101 meters. Japan is a beautiful Huangguoshu waterfall, it is located in the province of Guizhou, on the river Baihe. This waterfall is one of the largest not only in the country but in East Asia, in addition, it is incredibly harmonious and surrounded by beautiful scenery. The waterfall is more than 77 meters and a width of the order of 101 meters. The largest is the main cascade of waterfall, its height is 67 meters and a width of 83 meters respectively.
The waterfall is located in a unique natural setting, often called “Eastern Switzerland”. Only in this natural region, there are 18 waterfalls, they are surrounded by incredibly beautiful forests. The best time to visit the nature reserve is the summer, in the rainy season all waterfalls are at full power. According to scientists, the Huangguoshu waterfall is among the oldest waterfalls in the world. Its formation stems continuously for over 17 million years.
Waterfall is associated with many beautiful legends, one of them, it was named in honor of the magical fruit trees. This tree grew beside a waterfall, and when its yellow fruits began to ripen to the waterfall from all around rushed people. They believed that during those hundred days, while keep up the rafts at the bottom of the waterfall to find the treasure. Study natural Huangguoshu region began recently, in the 80-ies of the last century. Assessing the hydroelectric potential of the region, the researchers found a lot of amazing natural treasures that today attract thousands of travelers from around the world.

Waterfall Kuang Si, Laos

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

In Laos too, there is a wonderful waterfall that deserves the attention of inquisitive travelers — Kuang si. It is located in the province of Luang Prabang and is one of the most popular attractions at the tourists visiting this place. The beginning of the waterfall takes on the top of a steep hill, it has 50 stages, which alternate with incredibly beautiful turquoise pools. Despite the fact that tufa is the number of cascades is not something outstanding, it does not detract from the uniqueness of the waterfall, Kuang si.
The waterfall is located in a beautiful forest, next to it there are even special picnic areas. In addition, some pools of a waterfall suitable for bathing, which is being used by not only locals, but tourists as well. Hikers will also not be bored, they will be able to climb on a specially laid trail at the top of the cliff and admire the waterfall from a height. Near the waterfall there are many attractions, including the oldest caves.
Of particular interest are the nearby settlement – the perfect place to experience the life and lifestyle of the indigenous population. Recently, near the waterfall opened a small hotel, so lovers of the beautiful natural areas will be a great opportunity to stay in the reserve for a few days. The best time to visit the falls is between August to November.

Manawaiopuna Falls, Hawaii

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Height: 105 meters. On the Hawaiian island of Cowie is an incredibly beautiful waterfall of Manawaiopuna, it is in the Central part of the island and has a height of 105 meters. Most travelers these falls are known under the informal name – “the Jurassic falls”, and all thanks to modern cinema. A few years ago, lost in the rainforest, the waterfall was not known to anyone, everything changed when next to him was shot several scenes of the film “Jurassic Park”.
Since then, to visit this iconic place thousands of fans of modern cinema, the Manawaiopuna falls was one of the key attractions of the island of Cowie. The waterfall is located in the valley Hanapepe, which is famous for its beautiful scenery and is of great interest not only for Hiking, but also for researchers. The scenic area was elected as the habitat of rare species of birds and insects in the immediate vicinity of the falls for tourists were built many routes.

McWay waterfall, USA

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Height: 24 meters. In California in the Park “Julia Pfeiffer burns” is a unique McWay falls, he has a number of amazing features. The main feature is the proximity of the waterfall to the ocean, so actually we can say that it flows into the sea. The source of the waterfall is the namesake Creek, a name with a waterfall is charming and the beach on which it falls.
The waterfall is McWay is 24 meters, the most convenient way to enjoy them – standing on the top platform. To get to the beautiful beach by land is impossible, so a lot of enthusiasts in a romantic and picturesque places arrive by boat or by boat. It is important to note that the official holiday on the beach McWay prohibited due to the high probability of the collapse of the rocks. However, this nuance does not bother the curious tourists who want to get here by any means and to make a spectacular memorable pictures.
After enjoying the beautiful waterfall, there’s no rush to leave. In the Park you can see a lot of rare species of plants, including oaks and arbutus, a variety of beautiful tropical flowers and shrubs. How did you find the researchers, until 1983, the waterfall was falling directly into the ocean, but after a few landslides the topography of the Bay has changed significantly. Landslides led to the formation of hard-to-reach beach, and the flow of the waterfall with the water of the ocean now separates the few meters of land.

Waterfall San Rafael, Ecuador

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Height: 150 meters. In Ecuador one of the most spectacular waterfalls is San Rafael, it is a demonstration of the incredible power of nature and has a height of 150 meters. The waterfall is located in a special natural setting, at the foot of the Reventador volcano, which is valid. Currently, the highest waterfall in Ecuador is the natural reserve Sumako, among the distinguishing features of which incredible tropical vegetation.
As a rule, all tours start reserve from Quito city tours is quite large. Waterfall San Rafael Quito shared a little less than 200 km to see the outstanding natural attractions, you need to drive on a difficult mountain road. On the way to tourists there are several settlements where you can stop to rest, to get acquainted with the everyday life of the indigenous population, as well as purchase many unique Souvenirs.
The last few kilometers the tourists need to walk, during the walk through the jungle they will be able to admire the incredibly beautiful tropical scenery and to see rare butterflies. In the vicinity of the waterfall was constructed with a convenient viewing platform from which you can make a lot of great memorable photos. Despite the fact that natural attraction is open year-round, tours are recommended during the period from December to February.

The Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Height: 250 meters. In Norway is the legendary Seven Sisters waterfall, the legendary he is in the truest sense of the word – a natural landmark connected a lot of beautiful legends. The name of the waterfall is due to the fact that it is divided into seven separate streams, the maximum flood elevation is 250 meters. All the locals well-known legend about the seven sisters beauties, to which once came a-Courtin Viking warrior. Sister told him to buy the beautiful Bridal veil and the next day to come again, to choose the future wife. Despite the bravery and strength of the Viking was not able to make the right choice. Approaching the sisters with a veil in his hands, he froze in indecision, today the raging white waterfall associated by locals with the wedding veil.
It is noteworthy that in front of the Seven Sisters waterfall is one single Friaren waterfall, whose name can be translated from Norwegian as “the bridegroom.” Travelers who want to see the waterfall in all its glory, it is best to visit it in may or June, when the mountains begin to melt glaciers. Despite the fact that in the winter the waterfall freezes, it becomes less attractive to tourists. Winter scenic spots visited by mountaineers, extreme for which frozen waterfall is a perfect track for lifting. Excursion to the waterfall will not only enjoy the beauty of the idyllic landscapes, but also to substantially increase knowledge on the national culture of Norway.

The Hanging Glacier Waterfall, Chile

Пятнадцать красивейших водопадов на планете. Фото

Height: 80 meters. In Chile in the national Park Queulat, Puyuhuapi is located an amazing waterfall Hanging Glacier, which literally translates as “waterfall of the Hanging Glacier”. This title fully enclosed main feature of the waterfall, it really stems from glacier, Ventisquero Colgante. The height of this amazing waterfall is about 80 meters, usually including two of the water flow, but sometimes during the peak of the melting glacier appears and the third stream.
Waterfall Hanging Glacier is the most spectacular and spectacular not only in the country but also in South America. Due to the high content of limestone and other mineral impurities between two rocks overhanging a glacier always has attractive blue shade, the same shade and has water that collects in the pools of the waterfall. Pioneer natural attractions was captain Enrique Simpson, he explored this area in 1875. If his measurements were accurate, over the last hundred years, the glacier Ventisquero Colgante has shifted already several kilometres long.
Water from the glacier feeds one of the local rivers and contributes to the formation of an amazing landscape on its banks. Obviously, the best time to visit the waterfall of the Hanging Glacier are the summer months when the glacier melts more and allows the flow of water to gain complete power. It is noteworthy that formed a waterfall, the pools are open for swimming. Check out this entertainment, even in summer, the risk of not all the water in the waterfall is very cold.

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