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The FGFACTORY website offers game development and graphic design services for businesses and startups around the world. The company has been outsourcing worldwide since 2010. Has a team of more than 70 people and more than 500 completed projects. The company has a development center in Ukraine, offices in the United States, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. The company participated in the development of the mobile game, game art services, Jelly Jellies, creating art for the games Timber Splash, BowMaster s, Don Zombies, Pastry Mania and many others.

Using the Unity engine in the creation of mobile games, the company can offer services for the creation of:
Multiplayer game.
Hyper casual game with simple gameplay for mobile, web platforms and PC.
An arcade game for mobile devices and the Internet, paying special attention to the exciting gameplay, attractive graphics and bright animation.
An educational game for children that will be fun to play and learn.
Gambling games such as slot machines, bingo,card games etc.
Tower defense, set the necessary social aspect of creating mobs and players.
Puzzles, combine aspects of the genre into colorful graphics with full-fledged motion effects. The company engages players and social networks, constantly ensuring compliance with the client’s business model.
The company also offers game design and promotion services. Create 2D animation, game interface, animation, etc.
When you purchase outsourcing services on the site, you will set up and manage a remote development team that will meet your requirements in game development. The best talents corresponding to the required field of activity are guaranteed.
The company can offer the following outsourcing services, regardless of your preferences:
Create a full-fledged new game for mobile or desktop based on your preference, whether it’s a small app or a multiplayer game. The game is guaranteed to be exciting and exciting. FGFACTORY has its own technical animators and 2d and 3d artists, UI and UX designers.
Improve an existing game. The company’s experience is not limited to game design, development specialists can provide management and game design services.
In FGFACTORY, you can access from one to an entire development team, and always control your project throughout the development process.
FGFACTORY also provides advice in the development of games and server-side applications.

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