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“Few people back”: why graduates do not take the job?

“Few people back”: why graduates do not take the job “no Money”: how the pandemic has left graduates without work

Maria Loktionova 21.07.2020, 17:56

Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation urged the rectors of Russian universities to personally supervise the employment of graduates in 2020, which is hard to find work because of the pandemic. Former students have confirmed in conversation with “Газетой.Ru” a coronavirus that complicate their situation: for example, employers are to conduct online interviews and to train new staff out of the office. In the leading universities told “Газете.Ru” how to help students.

“Prevent negative effects”

Rectors of Russian universities at least until the end of the year should personally monitor the employment of graduates in 2020, said Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov.

The Minister explained that the focus for future work of students is “a unique situation” arising from pandemic COVID-19. “I want to appeal to each of the rectors. Taking into account the specifics of 2020 I would like to have you personally looked at the situation.

I think that at least until the new year it will be necessary to keep personal control not to allow any negative phenomena. In case if you need help and you see some systemic problems, together we will find ways of their solution”, — said the Minister at a meeting with the heads of the universities of the Siberian Federal district.

The Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for science, education and culture Viktor Kress also believes that because of the pandemic, the students found it hard to find a decent job.

“In the crisis of a pandemic before universities intensifies the problem of employment of graduates. Now the management of the universities should be in close contact with regional authorities, entrepreneurs, Industrialists, building complexes, if it’s building schools. Then they will know where and what are the required shots. I believe that the Minister sets the task absolutely correctly,” — said the Senator in a conversation with “Газетой.Ru”.

He also appealed to employers, advising them not to recruit professionals with experience and a young, but really ready for the challenges of students according to the official, we can arrange to practice and after graduation to take a formal job.

“Those employers who want to get highly skilled specialists, shall take students to practice. If, for example, they have 10 specialists in the future, may take a 30-50 people from universities, then there is a possibility of selection,” explained Kress.

“On distance it is impossible”

Graduates of the year are really complaining about the difficulty of the situation with employment during a pandemic COVID-19. So, a former student of the Moscow state unitary enterprise to them. I. Fedorova Victoria Sorokin told “Газете.Ru” that’s looking for a job since the beginning of June, but it’s constantly to prevent the circumstances related to the pandemic.

“Looking for a job in the journalistic field. Due to the fact that the newspaper was working on remote, it was difficult to arrange an interview. Many said they would call back when it will be possible to arrange personal meetings, but, of course, no one called back. Some have suggested video, but there were technical problems: either the application did not work or with a relationship something,” explained the girl.

However, for assistance to the University graduate doesn’t want to go. “In College I didn’t, because I know what editors and publishers he works with. I understand that jobs that I can offer there, would you come to me,” she said.

A former student of journalism at Moscow state University Elizabeth Lozhkin (name changed at the request of the speaker — “Газета.Ru) also believes that the University is not able to offer her a suitable job.

“I want to write articles and publications do not teach, because the offices no one. They say that on distance it is impossible to explain it. And during a pandemic didn’t fire anyone — no seats. In the end there is no money, there is no autonomy.

Have a look at the website of the faculty where there is a section about employment, but all jobs are not much PR, SMM. I want to write!” — said the girl.

A graduate of Penza state University Andrey Komolov also tried to get a job on a speciality — the engineer. The young man applied at a dream company before graduation, but pandemic made him nervous.

“A very long time to decide whether to accept or not, as the pandemic could not hire and fire people and in the end had to wait two months. University special support is not provided. Suggested my supervisor to work as a technician in the shop, but I wanted a degree to try” — said “Газете.Ru” the inhabitant of Penza. “University cares”

The MSU is concerned about large-scale economic crisis, which led to massive job cuts and falling revenues. In this regard, the University has launched a special program to support students.

“Moscow University cares for their students and launched the employment program, which will give you the opportunity to find permanent employment who graduated from MSU this year young specialists”, — reported “Газете.Ru” the MSU named after M. V. Lomonosv.

The University added that to resolve the situation based on the website of the University created a separate portal where you can learn about the vacancies, fill the application form and submit a resume.

At Perm state national research University (PSUNR) also has an online career center, whose staff through surveys and communication with alumni to identify needs and inform them about employment opportunities. Opportunities promise to provide much from the positions in LUKOIL to post in ZAO “SIBUR-Khimprom”.

There is a separate website and from the HSE but were assured that their students have not felt the difficulty of employment during a pandemic.

“Our students, to a lesser extent feel the impact of the pandemic due to the fact that they are very highly regarded in the market”, — noted in the school in a conversation with “Газетой.Ru”.

The management of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and is transferred the new graduates with employers and career opportunities in an online format. On 28 may, the students spoke with employees of the state structures, Russian and international companies and banks video.

“In the context of a pandemic has increased, consulting on the planning, employment and career development with students and alumni. The business was transferred to the online format and popular among students and graduates and at the present time”, — told “Газете.Ru” the rector of the University muhadin Eskindarov.

RSUH also confirmed “Газете.Ru” it is ready to support students and graduates on the background of unstable epidemiological situation.

“From our side we provide employment assistance, conducting activities aimed at job search workshops, seminars, presentations of employers, job fairs, personal counseling,” told “Газете.Ru” head of the Department for employment and alumni Olga Klimova.

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