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Feudal Russian business: does the profit is given, not earned

Российский феодальный бизнес: тут прибыль даруется, а не зарабатывается

To consider the state and the market antagonists – absurd illusion. Nowhere and never they do not exist in parallel worlds. The state cultivates the market. What is the gardener so is the garden. If the gardener leaves, the garden is overgrown with weeds and not orchids.

It seems that Russia has established special relations between the state and business. And in this garden, the gardener is interested only in large trees.

The average business is primarily for the state fiscal interest. Facelift “poddavlivat”, but not very vigorously, for fear of their final fade. Small business on a significant fiscal role is not necessary, it is rather the reservoir of the population, unclaimed corporate world.

For small and medium business power is limited to the ritual words on the need to create conditions for the development and other things. These words are repeated many years, so they say, well-modulated voice and without hesitation. Not blushing.

But with big business the game is big. In contemporary Newspeak appeared expression “kings of government contracts, tax Rotenberg”, “the merging of big business and the state.” They say “bad boyars” in the face of all the government officials give the most bold business projects to your trusted businesses. The rest of the business tearing the veins in the competition, while particularly close to the government businessmen get fat contracts, often designed as a public-private partnership. Contests here be a mere formality – and then not carried out.

And this opinion is not unfounded. Remember the story of “Plato”. Without any competition as its operator is the company, a large stake of which is owned by Igor Rotenberg, son of Putin’s friend Arkady Rotenberg. Note that to pay for the wear and tear of roads have heavy-this is a requirement of the state. That is, the market is guaranteed. The structure of the Rothenberg-son is technically mediates this process, having profit from it with lots of zeros. This is a business with guaranteed income.

However it is possible that people close to Putin have grow really brilliant kids. For example, the son of co-founder of the cooperative “Lake” Nikolay Shamalov Kirill at the age of 26 he became Vice-President of the chemical holding SIBUR. Now his condition is estimated at $1.4 billion And that, of course, without any connection with his name.

Not to produce curves rumours and unhealthy speculation, in 2017, Prime Minister Medvedev allowed state customers not to disclose to contractors. So soon the society will be safer to live.

But something still comes to the surface and excites the mind. Making the system of marking goods in a public-private partnership seems to be the second “Plato”. However “Plato” – the child on this background. “Tax Rotenberg,” pay only the owners of trucks, but here the marking shall be applied to all manufacturers and importers. It has already affected the market of fur coats and medicines, on the order of the cigarette market, shoes and wood – and there to the bedding close to.

It is a guaranteed market for huge volume, which operator out any competition designated Center of advanced technology development (CRPD), which is backed by Alisher Usmanov and state Corporation “rostec”. Let me remind you that earlier “rostec” out of the contest received a contract for the operation of the Unified information system of public procurement. Risks for private parties there are minimum, as apply brand manufacturers will require legislation. That is, the state creates a huge market to cater which will the company has earned this right out of the competition, solely by virtue of past merits. If this logic was to break into this market other players is almost impossible.

This could be the point. All clear: the fatty pieces given to her, and fight for the crumbs remaining. But is everything so simple? Always receiving large no-bid contract could be treated as receiving a “close” business gift from the state? And than in this case, the business pays the government?

For this reason, it is worth remembering the biggest contract in the history of the Russian Federation – construction of Crimean bridge over 228 billion rubles inherited by Arkady Rotenberg. And I want to blame the government that gave money again. But there is one interesting detail: this contract is refused on a smaller friend of Putin’s oligarch Gennady Timchenko, who had earlier promised to unite with Rothenberg. Apparently, after the failure Timchenko, Rotenberg and only had to take one for the “bridge named Putin”.

That is, public-private partnerships can be a burden to the business – but without the encumbrance will not allow him to do what brings in the major money. Such contracts are a kind of boon, which requires power. So it was with the construction of stadiums for the world Cup and far Eastern Federal University on island Russian. Hard objects, deadlines…

The stadiums in Kaliningrad and Rostov-na-Donu was “appointed” without any competition Araz Agalarov, the head of the Crocus Group. Actually, it’s not his profile, he is engaged in commercial real estate. No financial benefits his company has not received. But it was the order of the government which operate, and do not discuss.

The state in such cases, identifies the important objects, and then under the guise of public-private partnership shifts to “select partners” of the costs. And even if it costs them kompensiruet, the mobilization of business in the solution of such problems comes in the form of “orders” and “appointments”.

In this case, the contest is the height of hypocrisy. The business enjoys not in a row, and the outfit in the army. Unlike the army that there is gratitude and then give ‘carrot’, rewarding others profitable gopotato. Or the fact that not put a spoke in the wheel core business, that too much.

Thus we have two kinds of state contracts. Those that the business works out as a boon and those that serve generous reward for it in the form of a guaranteed market with high income. Such spontaneously formed the “economic feudalism”.

Those few who have been given to him to adapt – and ultimately thrive in any economic weather. Others bitterly crying. Well, what can you do. “All is not enough!”

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