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Festival horror hit “Found the film in 3D” will reach viewers in October

About the parody, but nonetheless bloody horror “Found the film 3D” ZU wrote back in February of this year in the top “66 movies 2016, of which you still have not heard anything”. At the time of the painting was really little that heard – premiere in 2016, in the event Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival, and then rode at film festivals, collecting tinsel of positive reviews.

Do in 2017 is possible to remove another movie from the tiresome subgenre of “mocumentary” and catch the delight of the public? It would seem that the franchise “Paranormal activity” is already squeezed out of these ideas all the juice, and the last really cool mockumentary horror was “the Visit” Shyamalan. But that’s the point of Director Steven Degennaro“Found film”3D enough stebutsya over the stamps, and their relatives, while telling his scary story:

A group of filmmakers is going to shoot the first film in the genre of “found film” in 3D. But the guys themselves accidentally fall into a similar storyline, when they start to chase something sinister.

Have a horror film parody already have a small teaser trailer, which is a lot intriguing. Well, Degennaro may indeed be the one who will put finally an end to this genre. To check, whether the Director intended, we can the night before Halloween – “Found film 3D” will appear on the streaming platform Shudder on 26 October 2017.

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