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Ferrari is preparing a new exclusive model

Ferrari готовит новую эксклюзивную модельThe exterior design of the is quite a in line with the traditional vision of the classics.

To possess such an expensive and truly exclusive car like a Ferrari, is possible only to few users and even fewer people could actually touch somehow to this automotive magnificence of the past through the decades.

Apparently, it was with the object of increasing interest in recent developments, the automobile concern announced that it will soon release a new, improved model called the Ferrari SP3JC, which received its inspiration and basis from the earlier model Ferrari F12TD, originally from the ’50s and’ 60s of the last century. Having the same system chassis and transmission, the new model, however, will acquire its own charm.

It is known that this model – or rather, its prototype was created about two years, and the developers involved one of the owners of the model F12TD. This time we are talking about the development and testing of a full-fledged off-road Roadster, which should provide potential owners not only improved performance on the road, but also an increased level of controllability.

As for internal components and elements, it is not yet known, with the exception of used motor – it will be a 12-cylinder V12 а780cv, who previously showed really promising results in this area.

And the exterior design of the is quite a in line with the traditional vision of the classics specialists of the concern – however, many can count white-yellow-blue coloring of something very strange. But the cabin, according to the preliminary concept artam will meet the idea of chic of the time – trimmed in blue leather with sporty accents, he will be perfectly complemented by a built-in functionality.

In addition, the experts decided to slightly change the aerodynamics of the model, making the front intake more elongated and massive, as well as several shifting Ferrari traditional side items. Thus, the new Roadster looks like a really compact and at the same time showy sports car luxury. As for its price, it is likely that it will exceed half a million dollars.

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