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Features of Interpretation

the features of interpretation

An interpreter is one of the most difficult professions in the language industry. This requires excellent knowledge of a foreign language, the ability to instantly and accurately convey the content of the conversation. It is also important to have a comprehensive knowledge of the subject and topic being discussed. In addition, an interpreter needs to translate in both directions, into two languages, which also complicates the task.

Such professionals often attend various international events:

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• business negotiations;

• private travel;

• holidays and ceremonies;

• exhibitions;

• excursions;

• telephone conversations;

• notarial actions.

The differences between the activities of an interpreter and a translator are so significant that they are even called differently – an interpreter and a translator, respectively, their services can be used at – this is a professional language translation company, where only professionals are involved in all types of translations.

Nuances of work

The complexity of the interpreter’s work is explained by a number of features:

• Lack of time to think over complex phrases and sentences, there is a need to respond immediately and quickly;

• There is no opportunity to use a dictionary or other supporting materials, it remains only to rely on your memory;

• A conversation is a continuous flow of information that can be difficult to understand at a fast pace of conversation. And, as a rule, there is no way to ask again;

• And the main factor is the communication with people. It is important to constantly monitor your own words and intonation, facial expressions and the definition of social roles. This is especially important if a conflict situation arises at different re-burns – a professional must maintain neutrality.

Given the complexity of such a specific activity, the requirements for specialists are very high.


There are different types of verbal interpretation:

1. Consistent. Time after time the speaker makes small pauses, during which the interpreter verbalizes the translated phrases. As a rule, the presentation is divided into several parts, which consist of two or three sentences, so there is no need to take notes and you can fully concentrate.

2. Synchronous. In this case, the interpreter speaks simultaneously with the speaker and adapts his speech to the required language in real time. This is usually designed for a large audience and requires the use of specialized equipment. There is practically no way to think over every phrase; an instant reaction is required.

3. Chuchotering. An even more complex synchronous type. It differs in the lack of technology – an interpreter must listen to the speaker live and translate the speech to the client in a whisper.

Also there is a conference translation and support. The first type assumes an accurate interpretation of the speaker’s thoughts, where the translator does not participate in the conversation, but only acts as a connecting link. In the second case, the specialist is directly involved in the communication process, can express his opinion and give advice. It is often found in the tourism industry.

Interpreters need some kind of the technique. Usually a headphone with speech transmission and a microphone are enough. But for more complex activities a cabin or room with high-quality sound insulation, sound equipment, anti-interference equipment and headphones with receivers are needed. All of these equipment is a must while holding international conferences and negotiations with the foreign partners. Only professional specialists with high qualifications, excellent knowledge of the dialect and the ability to instantly transmit the speaker’s speech are involved into such work.

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