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Features of farming with poultry equipment

Every business process in the 21st century is committed to be automated and proceeded faster with engaging, cutting-edge technologies. Such a technological approach has become an integral part of running the farm business in the farming industry. However, to achieve the goal to become a productive and profitable farm, the business owner needs to create a management strategy due to its peculiarities.

Accordingly, when running a business on poultry farming, the business owner needs to supply with special equipment to maintain the birds. Every poultry facility should be kept in order to breed a strong and healthy bird.

Poultry Equipment TEXHA: Reasonable Solution to Apply
To stand out in the competitive market and take the top rank in poultry farming, poultry equipment TEXHA is the best innovative solution for the modern farm business. They produce high-quality steel that won’t damage the bird and contain implemented automation facility systems like feeding, drinking, litter removal, lighting, and microclimate systems. Also, the company offers its services on maintaining and repairing the equipment and improving the machinery being already in use.

Innovations in broiler meat production
Today, many modern poultry farms stick to the tendency of broiler meat production that makes strides and generates decent revenue. Broilers grow fast and provide a massive production of meat. In order to implement broiler meat production, proper equipment for broilers should be used. TEXHA company provides specific poultry equipment for growing broilers – Deep litter housing system.

Unique approaches to broiler breeding by poultry equipment TEXHA

  • Deep litter housing system is regarded as the most available rearing system for broilers, involving floor poultry management. The company offers a ready-to-use complex of processing equipment automated control of poultry life support. The facilities implemented in the Deep litter housing system are unique as broilers require improved conditions. It contains the following novelties:
  • KoChiBo feeder for broiler chickens: a movable bottom that facilitates a search for feedstuff and ensures easy access to feed;
  • a new feeder Hit Feed designed for broiler meat production to improve the final product quality and enhance the production volume;
  • four-component microclimate system: heating, ventilation, humidification/cooling.
  • Other facilities are also kept within the equipment.

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