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Fear the walking dead new footage from the series

The theme of zombies in contemporary culture so widely representation in movies, TV shows, comics, games, toys, I doubt that anyone is still afraid of the living dead. But the creators of the show “Fear the walking dead” (Fear the Walking Dead) continue to believe in the success of his brainchild. In the spring, the series was officially renewed for a fourth season, and we have a bunch of fresh shots from the third season.

Recall that…

The show takes place in parallel with the events of the zombie Apocalypse shown in the TV series “the Walking dead”, but in a completely different place — Los Angeles. Emphasis will be placed on family relationships, in particular, the problem of fathers and children. The story revolves around Sean is a divorced school teacher and Nancy’s instructor for the women’s Council. And children, Nancy nick, who is struggling with drug addiction and ambitious daughter, Ashley.

On small screens in the US “Fear the walking dead” returned on 4 June.

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