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Fear of asteroid forced trump to increase the NASA budget

Боязнь астероида заставила Трампа увеличить бюджет NASA The President of the United States are seriously concerned about this danger.

American authorities are ready to allocate a lump sum for the management of planetary defense NASA.

So, the budget of the National office for Aeronautics and space research will increase three times. Thus, its financial position will move at sixty million dollars to one hundred and fifty million. The President of the United States trump explains this absolute unwillingness of the inhabitants of the planet to the fall of a huge asteroid.

And only NASA, thanks to a number of expensive research to protect humanity. Representatives of management will be required to monitor the objects that are in the area of the earth’s orbit around the Sun. After that, they will develop a special plan of defense of Earth from alien cosmic bodies.

It should be noted that previously, NASA claimed no danger of an asteroid collision with our planet. In their opinion, none of the twenty-five thousand asteroids are not threatened us. But now the situation has changed.

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