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Fear, distrust, and lust for money

Страх, недоверие и жажда денег

The Russians believe that without improving the economic situation in the country, no personal effort is not able to raise their welfare.

According to the monitoring of the Ranepa and the Gaidar Institute all major sectors of the Russian economy, except the mining industry, despite the promises of the government, special growth do not show. Construction industry, retail trade and paid services to the population are stagnating, in the wholesale trade continues to decline. Protective tariff policy of the European Union and China, coupled with the low quality of Russian products lead to a reduction in exports. “Weak domestic demand, falling private investment and capital outflow do not give currently reason to believe that the period of stagnation in the Russian industry is completed”, — analysts say.

Since the beginning of 2019 was noticeably sharp decline in the labour force by 0.8 million compared to the first quarter of 2018. At the same time for the whole of last year the decline was only 0.1 million people. As a result, the number of economically active citizens, if not to take into account the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol have returned to 2005 levels. By itself, the reduction of labor further limits the potential for economic growth. However, reduced economic activity those who still falls into the category of working.

“We can assume that at the present time the limit of the economic activity for the population in the main employment ages,” the authors summarize the monitoring.

To find a good job to the Russians is hampered by bad education. Among the three thousand respondents, the figure was more than half. An important characteristic of the quality of education the authors of the monitoring referred to as its demand. Now, according to the study, working in their profession or specialty, close to her, only 56%. The impossibility to use the obtained knowledge makes further improvement of the quality of education in the eyes of the Russians is pointless. Having a mediocre education, people are forced to go to work, which does not require special skills.

Analysts say that one in five now afraid of losing their jobs. After 35 years the threat only intensified, reaching its peak to close to retirement age. About 45% believe that finding a comparable job available will be difficult, and 20% do not believe in such a prospect.

For young searching for a new job is not a problem, but closer to 40 years the situation is changing. And those who talk about lowering their social status, it becomes much more than those who are proud of the promotion.

Moreover, these same respondents said that in difficult times, count them especially on here. The main channels of assistance are traditionally considered to be relatives and friends. But about 30% say that they have neither one nor the other. At least one of those on whom one could rely on. The number of this group is growing mainly at the expense of older people.

Against the background of deteriorating economic situation in the country is increasing the distrust. Almost half of the respondents said that people they trust very little or not at all. The Russians have less confidence in colleagues. This figure fell by a quarter. 18% fewer of those who trust friends, and 12% of relatives.

“In General we can say that social capital in Russia is a rather scarce resource for development, because social cohesion is not high enough, and interpersonal and intergroup trust tends to decline,” the authors summarize the monitoring.

Meanwhile in the country there is a growing request for salary increase — from skilled and unskilled workers. Especially dissatisfied with the wages people aged 45-54 years.

“Approximately 40% of respondents the main requirement for the growth and well-being, and after him and increase the availability of other resources development is the improvement of the economic situation in the country. Compared to this factor, all other, including personal efforts go by the wayside,” — analysts say.


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