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FBK: Simonyan and Keosayan “earned” tens of millions of rubles for “International sawmill

ФБК: Симоньян и Кеосаян «заработали» десятки миллионов рублей на «Международной пилораме

The Russia Today TV channel, which is headed by Margarita Simonyan, helps in building facing the NTV program “international Pilorama”, the Director and leading which is the husband Simonyan Tigran Keosayan. This is stated in a new investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption.

NTV, as stated in the investigation, buys the program “family at the Studio by Tigran Keosayan, which is called “gold vision””. For each program channel pays 3.4 million rubles. “Issues per year, an average of 35, so that leaves nearly 120 million rubles per year”, — stated in the material.

In the investigation said that in the advertising blocks of the “International bench” is advertising “Aeroflot”. Advertising “Aeroflot” ordered in an advertising Agency “Invento”, which in the investigation named “pocket Agency Margarita Simonyan”. The Agency recorded at nominal value. Communication channel with the Agency, in particular, to prove the material fact that the contact person, to which Aeroflot should apply for their advertising issues is not someone from the Agency “Invento” and a former employee of Russia Today Anastasia Lykina. In addition, according to FBK, on the balance of the advertising Agency eight cars and two motorcycles, worth about 45 million rubles. The fleet, as stated in the investigation, use the channel and doing the same thing.


The article says that advertising contracts with “Aeroflot” Agency “Invento” earned 657 million rubles for four years. “Most of the money — 361 million — goes to the already known kiesanowski Studio “gold vision””, — stated in the material. The formal founder of the Studio, the brother of Tigran Keosayan, David.

As stated in the article, an average of 74 million roubles a year from the accounts of the “gold vision” is sent to the personal pocket of Tigran Keosayan over the lead of the “International bench”. Most of all “International sawmill” earns artistic Director of the show — Margarita Simonyan. […] Nearly 77 million rubles a year’s worth of her creative and artistic genius,” the article reads. Thus the surname Simonyan is not listed in the credits of the program, she did not admit publicly that is related to this show. In addition, 9 million earned brother Tigran Keosayan, David, who technically owns “gold Vigna”. Nearly 7 million over two years has earned the wife of his son, Edmond Keosayan, Yunona Glotova — she’s the Executive producer of the “International bench”. send in a RT with the request to comment on this information.

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