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Favorite things imported Soviet party elite. Photo

Любимые импортные вещи советской партийной элиты. ФотоThey had access to imported goods.

Many Soviet leaders preferred the domestic automotive industry products an expensive car. The ties to Brezhnev specifically went to American stores, and the best gift for him was a good weapon. Khrushchev and Stalin adored Swiss watches and razors Gillette. What other things inaccessible to ordinary Soviet citizen, appreciated the first person in the country.

“Soviet” Coca-Cola Marshall

After the war, during the meeting with the future U.S. President Eisenhower, Zhukov liked the unusual drink. But the passion for this symbol of the American way of life could damage the reputation of the Marshal in the eyes of the Soviet people. Zhukov then asked General Clark with a request to produce a colorless drink.

Любимые импортные вещи советской партийной элиты. Фото

Clark conveyed the wish of President Truman, and the management of the company, which produced coke. The company managed to find a technologist, “obestsvechivaya” drink. Also changed the look of the bottle, and the lid is placed a red star. It’s a new product called White Coke. Colorless Coca-Cola were delivered to “addressee” through the Soviet-controlled zone of Germany. The volume of the first shipment was 50 cases. Coca-Cola Marshall not even have weeks waiting customs inspection and permit for importation – boxes with a drink passed the border freely.

The “weakness” of Brezhnev: ties for primako and elite weapons

Любимые импортные вещи советской партийной элиты. Фото

Brezhnev and Chuck Connors.

The Secretary General was a well-known passion for hunting and westerns. His favorite actor was Chuck Connors: he Brezhnev even met in person. In 1973, Connors gave the Soviet leader a cowboy hat. A little later, the actor spoke about the enthusiastic reaction of the Brezhnev leadership of the company “Colt”. The Board resolved: to establish a Secretary General for two unique revolver – LIB-1 and LIB-2. The name of this model was created from the initials of Brezhnev. Revolvers were engraved, the handle ivory.

Любимые импортные вещи советской партийной элиты. Фото

Inscribed revolvers Brezhnev.

The Deputy chief of protection of Brezhnev Vladimir Medvedev recalled that the Secretary General was about 90 hunting rifles, and not cheap. All four favorite shotguns were imported, four favorite rifled – three branded, one Tula.

However, the addiction to imported weapons and accessories for hunting fueled not only Brezhnev. Marshal Voroshilov in 1928 on the question of Tomsk about Mikhail gunpowder for hunting said, “If ugly, then our. Good is 20 pound R., and R. foreign 15 a kilo”.

Любимые импортные вещи советской партийной элиты. Фото

Notes Of Brezhnev.

Was Brezhnev’s favorite branded items of clothing. He hated to tie a tie, so shown him the tie-clothespin immediately appreciated. This is already knotted tie attached to the shirt with a special hook and narrow “wings”. Expensive in American stores, such models did not sell, so the ties to Brezhnev a special person had to go to the poor district.

Preferred the Secretary General and foreign underwear. His suits were made even in the Soviet Union, but imported fabrics. Once Brezhnev literally begged the President to give him a fur coat. Henry Ford during a visit to the USSR wore a jacket from three kinds of fur. Brezhnev she liked it so much that he has not kept his admiration and even stroked her hand. At the end of the visit, at the gangway, Ford took off his jacket and gave it to the Soviet leader. Brezhnev smiled widely.

From the razor to the camera: favorite things Nikita Khrushchev

Khrushchev liked to emphasize their patriotism. He wore simple costumes and anger has turned down offers to buy clothes abroad. Accompanying him abroad, he wouldn’t give to wash his underwear, “family” cowards of the simple tissues did not match the image of a leader of a superpower.

But shaving in the sixties Khrushchev preferred a Gillette, and when retired moved to a Braun shaver.

Audio Khrushchev was also mostly imported. For example, a place of honor in the house occupied by the “hybrid” TV, tape recorder and radio, presented the Egyptian leader. The memoirs of Khrushchev preferred to dictate into a tape recorder UHER, made in West Germany.

During a visit to Switzerland Khrushchev could not resist the temptation to buy a Swiss watch. He was sent to the store’s chief of security and was surprised that the watch was worth much less than he had imagined. Delighted Soviet leader has gained a gilded wrist watch for the whole family.

In the last years of his life the jewel Khrushchev became the Swedish camera brand Hasselblad – it replaced this professional camera modest “Zenit”.

Любимые импортные вещи советской партийной элиты. Фото

Camera Nikita Khrushchev.

Cars, phones and watches: branded stuff that surrounded Stalin

Many Soviet leaders preferred to go on foreign cars. Lenin was in the garage for three Rolls-Royce connoisseur of this brand was and Brezhnev. Brezhnev was a large collection of cars: according to some sources, their number exceeded three hundred copies. A significant portion of them were cars. Khrushchev long went on a personal trophy Cadillac.

Was no exception and Stalin: this leader of the country, though the government was obliged to ride on domestic cars, he was most respected Packard. It is on the basis of the car of this brand was designed by the first government of the ZIS.

Любимые импортные вещи советской партийной элиты. Фото

Stalin’s Packard.

To shave Stalin, as Khrushchev liked the Gillette razor, and before her, in the thirties, respected razors from Solingen. His cottage had a lot of equipment from Siemens: air heater, water heater and even government phones.

Любимые импортные вещи советской партийной элиты. Фото

Black Siemens phones in the country of Stalin.

Churchill gave Stalin English radiogram. The device so impressed the leader that he purchased the second for the second floor Near (Kuntsevo) Villa.

Like Khrushchev, Stalin appreciated a Swiss watch. Almost without taking it off he was wearing a gold Longines. They were on hand and Soviet leader at the time of his death. As an indispensable attribute of the image of Stalin was and tube. He had several, but especially loved was the pipe from Dunhill, marked with a special sign.

Любимые импортные вещи советской партийной элиты. Фото

Tube Of Stalin.

Stalin loved hunting, but the collection of import rifle from the famous German company Sauer&Sohn kept Near the cottage. The disposal of the leader, there were a few pistols, including Walther, Mauser, Browning.

The Minister of supply Gromyko

Andrei Gromyko, one of the most famous of the Ministers of foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union, foreign supplied accessories three consecutive General secretaries: Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko. He brought ties, shirts, hats.

Любимые импортные вещи советской партийной элиты. Фото

Kennedy and Gromyko.

All three leaders appreciated the old-fashioned felt hat with silk ribbon models of “Homburg”. The store on Madison Avenue subordinate Gromyko Viktor sukhodrev, picked up the gray hat of this model. He brought them to Gromyko, he was selected. On the inside bought copies at the store applied the embossing with the initials of the future owners.

And yet the powers that be, as well as ordinary people, have passions, and sometimes quite unusual. About what he was fond of Russian rulers, read one of our previous reviews.

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