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Favorite scenes of Tom hardy cut out of “venom”

Whether this is due to the infamous PG-13 rating or no, it is not yet clear, but in a recent interview Tom hardy complained that with the coming kinokomiksa “venom” a lot of things cut out. Of course, the deleted scenes — it is normal for a movie, but sometimes on the cutting room floor are the best pieces. Not happened so here?

The fact that hardy was asked to name his favorite scene in the film, and he replied:

Those that are not in the film. There was about 30-40 minutes, which were not included in the film… all of them. Mad puppet scene, the scene with black humor. Know what I mean?

Sounds lonely. On the other hand, if the actor liked to play in some scenes, does not mean that these scenes will look good from the outside. For example, the moment where Tom hardy fights for control of her body, looked funny, but pretty ridiculous. Probably this is the “puppet scene”, which says hardy. Well, black humor is clearly from the movie are not completely gone, the latest trailer is well made that crystal clear.

Returning to the subject of the age rating, it is worth noting that information about a possible R rating came from the backstage project at the stage of pre-production and never officially confirmed. According to producer Matthew Tolmach from the very beginning were not going to do a movie with blood, swearing and nudity. They wanted to squeeze out of the film, but so that it could watch the teenagers.

Director Ruben Fleischer , in turn, had previously commented:

We were just talking about this movie as PG-13. As I mentioned in the past, we wanted to squeeze the violence to stop. “The dark knight” was for me the main point of reference in how far you can go with PG-13.

Well, the recent blockbuster “Meg: Monster of the deep” was also rated 16+, but on the screen there was a place and numerous killings, and even some portions of dismemberment.

In any case, soon all will become clear. October 4, venom will be released in Russia.

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