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Favorite games of Soviet children. Photo

Любимые игры советских детей. ФотоAnd again nostalgic memories. This time toys.

For very young some things from that time seem pretty strange, but really then was the era when TV was considered a luxury item, and the VCRs and stereo systems, many people never dreamed of. And it’s nothing compared to how some of today gagdet to a new IPhone or the latest PlayStation. In my childhood the children had their special toys, I dreamed of every child.

It’s not a game it is a cult Soviet car simulator is a dream of every Soviet boy. The rotating disk has created the perfect illusion that the car is really going. And the ritual of starting the game key, real pedals, steering wheel and gearbox brought joy to all the boys. Looking from today’s perspective, control of the magnetic machine is perceived approximately as for the smartphone owner talks on the radio during the First world war. But then it was considered the coolest “gaming” device. By the way, the car had a 3 speed! The game was worth 10 rubles.

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото


Not in the USSR of a boy who dreamed of the railroad, made in the GDR. A huge box with a whole set of different models with real trains, wagons, rails, switches, railway crossings, semaphores, stations, houses, bridges… And all this was set in motion with the remote control.

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото

This toy world created by the East German PIKO brand (the most famous in the Union model manufacturer of children’s railway), was in awe not only children but also their parents. The minimum (base) set cost about 20 rubles, and the cost of those fancy versions reached 50 rubles (almost half the average wage !).

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото


The main puzzle in the Soviet Union, which in the early 1980s rattled in the pocket in almost any grade schooler. Easily absorbed for an hour and a half. The breaks were often arranged competitions on speed of Assembly and disassembly. “Tag” had one peculiarity – after a week of active operation lost one or two chips. After that, the student changed the game feature: the main was a box, which was used as a change purse. In the Soviet Union produced many varieties of this puzzle, but perhaps one of the most famous – Leningrad tag with the image of the spit of Vasilyevsky island. They cost 46 cents.

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото

The game “Well, pogodi!” (“Elektronika IM-02”)

Gaming gadget of the 1980s – the Soviet copy of the (unofficial) Nintendo EG-26 Egg. The most known and popular from the first Soviet handheld electronic games with LCD screen, produced under the brand “Elektronika”.

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото

The wolf has to catch in the basket as many eggs as possible, shipping in chickens on all four sides. For each caught egg counted point for each broken egg, one point was taken away. After gaining 200 points, the player receives a bonus game. During the game periodically in the upper corner of the screen was a hare, and then it was possible to earn bonus points. Long common myth that when you reach 1000 points on the screen will play the cartoon “Nu pogodi!”, in fact, it sounded 3 short beeps and the game started again with 0 points and at high speed.

Produced in different versions: in one embodiment, the pants have a Wolf in a flower and the other with polka dots; there is another variant, when the shorts depicted the sprocket and instead of the characters of DP and PP watch face (this drawing is the rarest). In addition to playing the device had a clock and alarm. The game was worth 23 rubles.

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото

Rubik’s Cube

The main object of desire of Soviet schoolboy the early 1980s. The cult of the puzzles was based on five elements – neon colors, the sweet smell of plastic, pleasant creaking when picking up the one and only “unergonomical” the feeling of volume, which appeared in the fingers. But the main thing was the mantra – formula of the Assembly: “left – front-top-right-Fasad”…

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото

In one of numbers “Sciences and life” in the color section has posted step-by-step Assembly drawings of a cube – basic and different patterns. Torn sheets of redrawing and carefully passed from hand to hand.

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото

Rubik’s cube still has some unique appeal. The cube was worth 6 rubles.

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото


Game of the mid-1980s, which instantly became a cult.

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото

The first version of Tetris was created in Pascal and looked rather primitive. Spread on 5.25-inch diskettes by copying from friends. First flew to Moscow and then throughout the Soviet Union. But played it only those who had access to computers.

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото

Mass she became in the 1990s, when the first Chinese Brick Game console, including several games, including Tetris. The playing field is rectangular in shape and 10 by 20, a total of 200 pixels. The right of the field scoreboard with digital display of the running game.
You should have seen the fervour with which people catch falling geometric shapes and piled them in piles to make them disappear. It was a game for all ages…

By the way, remember how much “Tetris”? I can’t remember

Любимые игры советских детей. Фото

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