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‘Fauci ouchie’: WH releases ‘cringe’ video of Fauci reading glowing tweets about himself & Covid-19 vaccine

The four minute video was released Friday and is part of the White House’s strategy to promote Covid-19 vaccines to the public. 

Both Fauci and the ‘Good 4 U’ musician read tweets about themselves and the vaccines in the video, and many of them are glowing endorsements of Fauci, with one person even referring to getting the vaccine as getting their “Fauci ouchie.”

Another tweet read by Fauci came from a student who got an A in an immunology course and said their first thought was: “Wouldn’t Dr. Fauci be proud of me?”

Other glowing tweets Fauci got to read about himself included one fan saying they dreamed about the immunologist and another claiming they would light Fauci prayer candles every night during the pandemic. 

One fan even dubbed him their “#ManCrushMonday.”

“Happy man crush Monday to this hero. Thank you, Dr. Fauci for all the hard work you do. We appreciate your intelligence, honesty, bravery, and compassion. We love you,” the tweet read. 

After having #ManCrushMonday explained to him, Fauci simply said, “Whatever it takes.”

Critics responding to Fauci reading praise about himself were not as kind to the controversial doctor.

“Vomit-inducing,” one Twitter user wrote.

“There is no benefit [though] in the White House using this as an opportunity to keep pushing ‘Fauci ouchie’ & other cringe Fauci cult stuff,” Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy added in a long thread blasting the “really, really pathetic” video.

The Fauci video was filmed at the White House on Wednesday during Rodrigo’s trip, during which she promoted vaccines alongside President Joe Biden. 

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