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Fatal poisoning in Kiev: there are new details

Смертельное отравление в Киеве: появились новые подробностиBecame known cause of death of the girl.

Allegations of a network of restaurants “Mafia” in the death of the woman from the sushi – are unfounded. The death of Olga Podkopayeva, who died after dinner, happened from-for leakages of carbon monoxide

This was reported in the company “kyivgaz”, Department No. 7 of the Shevchenko district of the capital.

“Repairs are carried out, we are constantly” – confirmed in the control of the company. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

While one of the chiefs of the Department of technical support of “Kievgas”, who refused to introduce himself, said that “I was on vacation during this period”, and therefore can not confirm the renovations, and especially the gas leak on the street Cyril and Methodius, building 7, where the tragedy occurred.

We will remind, in the night from 20 to 21 April, the women ate the sushi that I ordered a “Mafia”. After that, Julia was in intensive care, and Olga died. The police opened criminal proceedings, and sanitary doctors conducted an inspection of products and premises restaurant, where he delivered the order.

As of the evening of 25 April the main analyses were done. So, the chief sanitary doctor of Kiev Oleg Ruban confirmed to the press the version about participation of a network of restaurants “Mafia” to the tragic incident. Since the results of the analysis on the content of botulotoxine that can cause fatal poisoning, negative. The products will also be discovered salts of heavy metals, in concentrations that may cause a shock reaction in the body.

“Ties between the subjects of poisoning and institution that has provided services to the power, no,” – said Oleg Ruban.

The restaurant itself is also posted on its website an official statement that its products and premises safe.

“We provided all the materials for the water samples of swabs from surfaces of raw material and finished product samples. Our company provided all openly and contributed to the investigation. The results of studies of SES showed that all sanitary-hygienic norms are observed. The act supplied” – referred to in the official report.

In the SES of the city of Kiev also confirmed that the day of the tragedy and to this day “has not received any complaints on the restaurant. If SES were the evidence of the mass poisoning, we would have taken urgent radical measures”, – said the officials.

In this case, suffered only two people in a very short time, with severe symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.
“Any other cases of poisoning have been recorded,” – added in the SES.

According to the restaurant, her friends really were poisoned by the gas.

“The fact that carbon monoxide poisoning was established by the representatives of ambulance, police and forensic experts,” – said Mr. and the restaurant’s website.
This is confirmed by the tenants and the fact of disconnecting the house from the gas supply immediately after the tragedy.

So, residents of the house claim that Easter “smell of gas”, – says Galina from the second apartment.

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