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Fatal poisoning in Kiev: published by new facts

Смертельное отравление в Киеве: опубликованы новые фактыThe investigation has already several versions of the causes of the tragedy.

Mysterious death after a friendly dinner in Kiev died 43-year-old woman and her friend were hospitalized with the diagnosis “poisoning with unknown substance”.

On that fateful day vinnichanka Olga came to visit her friend, the women dined. And in the morning she was found dead. Olga Podkopaeva arrived in Kiev on student performance son decided to spend the night at a friend of Julia. Women ate the rolls that are ordered in one of the restaurants, says Olga’s husband. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Nothing besides not eating, no alcohol and 2 in the morning, Julia went into the shower, came out, wanted to wash the dishes, go into the kitchen and fainted. In the morning Julia came in and called an ambulance. The doctor, who took Julia, initially said, that’s kind of like food poisoning,” – said Pavel Podkopaev, Olga’s husband.

The restaurant on camera to comment on the incident. That women poisoned their food – denial. Supposedly, none of the customers complained about malaise.

Women experienced the smell of gas that night in the apartment? Unknown. Julia, survivors, declined to comment. Neighbors this version deny. “I checked, is fine with us everywhere,” said neighbor Julia.

Than poisoned women, check investigators and health. The kitchen of the restaurant is temporarily closed. “It is also fulfilled version of gas poisoning. We undertook a study of the air in the apartment almost through the night, where lived women no initial excess of harmful substances was not detected,” – says Oleg Ruban, chief of Derepressible Kiev.

According to Ruban, any violations in the quality of restaurant food was also not found. After the autopsy Olga coroner wrote the cause of death was ischemic heart disease.

This will show the analysis of food and water.

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