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Fatal accident in Kiev: the man was thrown 30 meters

Смертельное ДТП в Киеве: мужчину отбросило на 30 метровCar on a pedestrian crossing knocked down a cyclist.

Sunday, September 24 around 7 o’clock in the morning on crossing of streets Vatutina and Mayakovsky Avenue at the crosswalk Krosover Toyota knocked to death a cyclist.

Victim of fatal crash was from Kiev in the average age on the old bike “Tourist”. From the Boulevard Perov, the cyclist tried to move the crosswalk “pedestrian mode”. Thus, he violated traffic rules. Krosover at speed hit him in the right side. Blow was such force that the cyclist flew away from the scene of the accident about 30 meters. The man several times turned over in air. Death was instantaneous.

On a place of accident there arrived two groups of the patrol and ambulance.

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