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Fast diet: the main rules

Быстрые диеты: названы главные правилаThe Express diet is stressful to the body, but if you really need to get into a dress, and for this we need to get rid of all of two or three pounds, you can take a chance.

The main thing – follow the rules, referred to nutritionists and not overdo it.

To lose weight quickly and without harm to health can, you only need to follow a few simple tips. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Diet variety

Feature quick diet – low calorie. On average, our normal diet has about 2,000 calories on a diet, the caloric content is significantly reduced and is barely 1000 calories.

To date, developed many variants of diets, each of which requires a certain diet. What diet you choose doesn’t matter. Importantly, the chosen system meet the key rules.

Remember about the protein

If the diet lasts for seven days, it must include foods that contain protein: dairy products, egg whites (you can do egg-white omelettes), meat, poultry, and lean fish. Protein will provide the body with essential nutrients and energy, so to exclude it from the diet is impossible.

Don’t forget about fiber

Three-day diet must include fiber. To sit in one buttermilk or buckwheat for three to five days is impossible.

Peristalsis works by fiber, so the diet must be present fruits and vegetables. But remember that fruits are encouraged to eat until lunch.

Observe mode

You should eat every 3-4 hours and Express diets this rule should be observed at all times. Low calories exacerbates the feeling of hunger, so there is need to regularly and in small portions. Otherwise you will feel weakness, dizziness and constant hunger.

Avoid mono-diet

Mono is not only nutritional deficiencies but also serious psychological test.

Remember: the Breakfast must have protein, or a small amount of complex carbohydrates such as porridge. For lunch, you can eat low-fat dairy product (yogurt or cheese). Lunch – vegetables with meat, snack – again a milk product. For dinner it is best to eat vegetable salad.

Completely eliminate sugar

Unfortunately, chocolate, honey, fruit rapid diets do not exist.

During the Express diet is recommended to eliminate sugar and bread and limit carbs. You can leave only one fruit. It could be a half a banana or one Apple, but not grapes, not persimmon, pineapple not – they have a lot of sugar.


Green tea and herbal is the best solution not only for the Express diet, but also on an ongoing basis. Catechins contained in green tea, stimulate metabolic processes and accelerate fat burning.

Remember that the body often confuses thirst and hunger. So before eating you have to first drink a glass of water, and then decide whether you have it or not.

The main rule

Any quick diet should end smoothly. These days you probably threw off the hated two or three pounds, however the body’s decreased production of liver enzymes and pancreas. So just start many are not – it is a mockery of internal organs and the shape, which quickly returns all your lost and grab the top of the stock.

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