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Fashionable or tacky? Glyuk’oza came to the restaurant without underwear

Natalia Ionova — the girl with no prejudices. The singer often posts to Instagram candid photos, and calmly responds to accusations of vulgarity. No sooner had the fans to discuss the naughty pictures of the star in swimwear, as Natalia shared another hot shot.

Ionova has published a picture taken in the restaurant at one of the events. It is easy to notice that Natalia was published without underwear: the thin fabric of the white dress emphasized bare chest of the singer.

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The opinions of fans regarding the image of the ion divided. Some believe that the actress looks sexy and appropriate, but others called the outfit Natalia is too blatant and defiant: “this time past, not beautiful, vulgar and doesn’t suit you”, “Great! Fashion nightie, I like it”, “she always loves to be naked. Don’t remember her dressed”, “All women are well dressed, and Glu nipples again”, “Gorgeous dress!!! And Natasha is very beautiful and sexy in it” (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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30-year-old singer in his example proved that it is possible to stay slim and sexy, even being twice a mother, the main thing — not to feel sorry for themselves and to exert maximum effort. Ionova sure that every woman, as mother, should not forget themselves, so in Instagram stars so many juicy shots.

Наталья Ионова не стесняется демонстрировать свое тело

Певица находится в потрясающей форме

Звезда прикладывает немало усилий, чтобы ее тело было стройным и подтянутым

Наталья Ионова

Певица уверена, что каждая женщина, став матерью, не должна забывать о себе, поэтому в Instagram звезды столько пикантный снимков

Наталья Ионова Фоото:

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