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“Fashion verdict” has changed the former wife of musician Alexander Malinin

As a performer of classical Soviet hit “On the boat music plays”, the singer Olga Zarubina became the guest of the program “Fashion verdict” on the First channel. Closet Olga, consisting mainly of old-fashioned things, appeared in front of a strict jury of experts led by fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev.

“You, Olga, wildly old-fashioned, very archival stuff. I envy what they have, not me in the Museum. Kill yourself with these outfits,” a verdict fashion critic.

Zarubina told that the reason for its neglect was the problem of a personal nature. She remembered his difficult childhood. According to her, my stepfather beat her brother in childhood, and also said that still does not support any relationship with Aleksandr Malinin. Zarubina admitted that Malinin and also doesn’t communicate with his daughter without recognizing her.

In the final release Zarubina appeared before the audience unrecognizable — she has changed completely! The audience drew attention to the fact that the woman very well without glasses — instead, the singer offered to use contact lenses.

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