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Fashion critic I am sure that Olga Buzova not find love until a change of style

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In 2015, Alexander Vasilyev already dismantled the wardrobe of Olga Buzova. Then the critic was extremely unhappy with the way you dress, the TV presenter. Since then, the life of a star “Houses-2” has occurred great changes: Olga divorced with Dmitry Tarasov and said goodbye to my image of the blonde. But the more modest outfits Olga did not. Alexander believes that the vulgarity has become an integral part of the image of a TV presenter and she doesn’t need to change the style if she wants to remain popular. However, according to Vasilyev, the clothing she’ll never meet a new love. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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“If she becomes a “good girl” will lose the love of millions, its popularity will decline. Need to remain as long as there is demand. And then she will understand. One “but”. Olga admitted in an interview that he hopes to meet a new love, large bright feeling. Can it be done with such a wardrobe? Unlikely. With such a wardrobe is just waiting for a dirty feel. In haste. Mini, boots to the groin, it’s all very lights of men, but usually not for long,” said fashion historian in his regular column for the magazine “7 days”.

For the premiere of the film “Kitchen. The last battle” Olga Buzova came in a black crop top and cropped trousers to match. Alexander believes that this outfit is a typical girls “area”. “The image seems to say: “I will go to karaoke, sing a song, and all the guys are my own.” But figure is good. A single gram of excess weight,” — said Vasilyev.


Especially critics were amazed pink boots Buzova: “This outfit sniffy durnovkusiya, but we love vulgarity. And as soon as Olga from the vulgar leave, she will be loved less. Why dress up posh and refined? Long live “bad girl”.


Concert outfit Olga, too, was disappointed with the fashion historian: “the Stage image of Cleopatra. You don’t mind. But here is just a bunch of errors. Makeup gold lips have nothing to do with the Egyptian makeup. In the days of the pharaohs did not know and faceted stones, wearing turquoise, lapis lazuli and red agate”.

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Vasiliev noticed that Buzova like to show your long legs, but she chooses too vulgar outfits. “Olga likes to show her legs. And that, I think, is in demand. Especially in the company of men, if there are sit-rich oil. But all these short sparkly dresses create the image of “bad girls” with a taste of elementary vulgarity,” said Alexander.

Red bodysuit Olga Vasilyeva recalled the image of love the assumption: “you will Agree, there are images of Olga Buzova something loose. Especially when she wears mini. Because it makes it easier and vulgarae. She looks like some kind of an easily accessible special”.

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