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Fascinating documentary “tales of the mother” (TRAILER)

Not so often in memory, we’re talking about documentaries, and even less are talking about Russian documentaries. And, perhaps, in vain. Indeed, in our vast country so many unique parts, many of its own myths and legends that the whole documentary series to remove. And, you see, that some of these tales could inspire the Directors and screenwriters of feature films…

May 29, 2018 in the capital’s cinema “October” premiere of the documentary (but partly fiction, with a touch of psychedelia, and art house) movie “tales of the mother”. Not interested, you say? Did you read the synopsis, yeah watch the trailer of the project:

The connoisseurs, mermaids, and water leachii once inhabited North Russian. And today somewhere in zarastaya forest fields, together with abandoned huts live their last days long forgotten spirits of folk beliefs.
A native resident of the Northern village of Lekshmozero Vasily Popov embarks on a journey to the place where once stood his ancestral home. Almost the whole family Basil died in a war that devastated the North of the village. The journey, Basil is trying to find on the overgrown banks of the spirit of the “old world”. But if the banks of lakes and silent as if dead, it is necessary to cross the line of reality and “old world” captures his enchanted wanderer.

Agree, the atmosphere is very even. And beautiful.

The Director of “tales of the mother” is Sofia Gorlenko, and the writer – Gleb Kuznetsov. We got in touch with Gleb, who spoke about the film read more:

“Tales of the Mother” is the second feature film of our team. The first “Atlantia of the Russian North” was devoted to the urgent social and spiritual issues of the region, and in its sequel we wanted to do the work, which dipped the viewer into the world of spiritual culture. The hero of the film Vasily Popov calls it “old world” – it is a combination of images from his childhood, historical memory, everything heard, seen, and felt in the space of the North. The core of this “old world” was the relationship of man and God, man and nature. The antithesis of today we are protected from a lot of what faced the people of the “old world” is a hunger, incomprehensible epidemic that attacks of enemies. Therefore, our focus has shifted to the relationship with himself, but man of the “old world” was worried about other problems and solving them, he built their civilization. Was it harmonious? Why and how she died? Is there any sense and possibility to revive her? These questions have intrigued us when we made the film. But these are questions of idle urban mind, then as a documentary movie characters, survived the Great Patriotic war, the heirs of the generation of revolution and repression look at the world more practical.

What about mythology?..

A separate layer of film is a myth, mythology space of the North, which for thousands of years. The ratio of fiction and documentary in the film is approximately equal, but it’s important that all of gaming is the reconstruction of myths, fairy tales, that is, at its core, this is also part of the documentary. We are not inventing stories and images, we took the ethnographic material of the early 21st century, it is fragmentary, has lost touch with practical life, and translated it into cinematic language. He is often naive and folk tales is imperfect from the standpoint of drama – these tales often no beginning and no end. And our task was to show the viewer the whole space of the Russian North, to connect the material and the mythical, all scraps of the old world.

Of course, this “cinema not for all”, however, believe many of us it will be interesting. Residents of Moscow can order a ticket to the premiere on the website of the rental company. Recall that the premiere will take place on may 29. Well, from may 31 “Stories for mothers” will appear in limited release.

But the previous work of the Duo Gorlenko/Kuznetsov, remember the movie “Atlantia of the Russian North”, is completely free and legal to watch right now:

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