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Fascinating art with creepy children

The artist , Tie Rejonen from Finland creates dark, but beautiful work, the main heroes of which are children. Usually interacting with something supernatural and causing more anxiety than affection.

To a question about his work itself, Tiie answers:

The image of a child creates a very interesting cognitive contradiction: there is something simultaneously familiar and alien, he is “human”, but it is not until the end. This feeling of “familiar unknowns” is very significant for my perception, which I want to share in his work.
In addition, I am interested in the nature of children’s games. They have some exaggerated ritual detail, especially in those activities that simulate adult life while without any understanding of the true meaning of action. And children easily evoke emotions, because many people have a strong Association with the years of his youth.

With the works of the artist can be found on its pages in DeviantART, Tumblr and Behance.

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