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Farcical process

Балаганный процесс

I continue to gleefully make fun of my sports colleagues and comrades who think that the process of Kokorin and Mamaev’s going to be something unprecedented that there violated some rules, and even perverted justice. Welcome to the real world, fans standings, and fixtures of overtime! Everything develops more or less standard and by the standards of our justice, even humane.

Of course, in any colony, the players will not go. Don’t forget that there is an appeal. They, of course, will be served. The more that lawyers in this process has already flashed the ability to argue that the blind could see. Need to resist until the end — especially that day in jail is one and a half days of his release. The appeals will take some time. The high court could knock off some time — and in the end everything will come together. There is no point transported Komarinyh, Mamayev and Pratasavickaja to camp, if you sit there they will have a few weeks. Yes, there is still, as I understand, you can apply for PAROLE, right? Well, the point? To drive from Moscow to the devil horns and made this a farcical process in an even more clownish act to the forest to solemnly remove the handcuffs and then let go?

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The meaning of this story is not to put, and to demonstrate. Famous people, moreover very poor, broke the law and are held accountable. Good fellows a lesson. I’m not sure that it was a public whipping, and that the ordeal caught up with masters of leather ball just because they decided to buy food chairs are important officials. For Kokorin and Mamaev, too, was not the last structure. The forces of the parties where some were balanced, and we saw the beauty of the investigation and trial in Russia as they are, were often hidden from us. In public meetings, with maximum details, and rubilove prosecutors and lawyers. With the months-long analysis of a five-minute video and a platoon of investigators. With the confirmation of the same decisions does not depend either on the circumstances or arguments. This was something of the writer Gogol, whose works are full of vivid characters, but somehow it is not Goodies.

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And our heroes need a little more patience and they go home. Alexander Kokorin during this time, even managed to become the champion of Russia — for the first time. In life everything happens once for the first time. And gold medals, and prison bunks.

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