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Far Cry New Dawn – trailer (IN RUSSIAN) and more than 40 minutes of gameplay!

The release of a new Chapter in the action-Saga Far Cry – Far Cry New Dawn – will be held in less than a month, February 15, 2019. In the meantime, in anticipation of this event, check the system requirements, saving money and, of course, watch new videos. A new video game came out in the last days a lot!

First, there was the story trailer, which was released in localized versions. Second, third and so on until the fifth – in different channels of different resources were posted several clips showing gameplay and explaining the intricacies of the gameplay of Far Cry New Dawn in different aspects. The total duration of these video more than forty minutes.

We are reminded that the game will have to collect resources and upgrade database. Among the companions of the hero meeting both familiar faces and new characters. Hand animals also have a place to be.

There are in-game and role-playing elements: the weapon is divided into four colored categories. “Grey” weapon has mediocre characteristics, while “gold” is much more powerful. The enemies are also divided into “color” categories. Outposts do not have to capture immediately. You can collect resources, but then the Outpost will be more powerful opponents. Only the capture of the outposts, there are three levels of difficulty. There is also a “forwarding” mode, in which the hero is sent to investigate locations outside of the main game’s “sandbox”.

Cm. also: 15 minutes of gameplay from Far Cry New Dawn (VIDEO)

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