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Fantasy world Poroshenko: the course of the Second world changed on Ukrainian territory

Выдуманный мир Порошенко: ход Второй мировой изменился на украинских территориях

The merit of the Ukrainian soldiers in the great Victory was not canceled. Here only in Ukraine strongly want to rewrite history and to erase out the achievements of the Russian soldiers.

Today the outgoing President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko addressed the nation with a congratulatory speech. He proudly said that the fate of the Second world ventured into the territory of Ukraine.

The desire to distort the facts and try to isolate the Square from Russia for a long time not news. The Ukrainian government renamed the Day of Victory, and then forbade show St. George ribbon. Today the action “Immortal regiment” there’s a turn in the action of memory of victims of Donbass. To show respect to the dead – well. But the may 9 celebrations dedicated to world war II. Other military conflicts your date. These protests Express a clear disrespect to the Victory Day. The victory, which was produced by the joint efforts of Russia and Ukraine in the USSR.

According to Poroshenko, the final turning point in the Soviet Union occurred on Ukrainian territory. Despite the fact that, historically, the turning point is considered to be the famous battle of Kursk.

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his congratulatory speech at the Victory Parade said the need to remember the true heroes of the war and not to succumb to provocations of those who seek to distort history in their favor.

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