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“Fantastic beasts”: taking apart a secret reference to the “Harry Potter”

J. K. Rowling, personally wrote the script for the new magic picture “Fantastic beasts and where they live,” admitted that he wanted to make the movie understandable to people who have never been familiar with the world of the “Harry Potter” (if, of course, still left). However, the true fans of the “Harry Potter”, of course, will be able to see a number of references to already known to the magic world – and this, in turn, will allow them to assume what will happen next. Understand what an Easter egg the creators hid in a recent premiere.

“Fantastic beasts”: taking apart a secret reference to the “Harry Potter”


Newt Salamander studied at the faculty of poppenbuettel the books and viewers of the original series used to the fact that the true heroes are studying at the faculty of Gryffindor. Puffenduya seems not to have raised any significant character “Harry Potter” is more or less noticeable he was a student Cedric Diggory, who appeared in “goblet of fire” and in the same part died, and alumni can recall is that animaga-mrakovica Nymphadora Tonks. The distinctive qualities of puffenduya considered hard work, loyalty and honesty, however, it is assumed that the students of Hogwarts – no outstanding personality. Newt the Salamander is ready to convince any skeptic, because he once studied at this faculty, and even expulsion did not stop him to achieve success in your chosen field of magizoology. About accessories for Hufflepuff hero to can guess within the first few minutes of the film: we see that among his personal belongings in a suitcase lies a faded yellow-black scarf. By the way, Eddie Redmayne, who plays newt, believes that it the sorting hat certainly would be sent to Puffenduya, and he would certainly have been proud – it’s the most favorite faculty Rowling.

Scarf puffenduya in the case of newt

The SUITCASE Salamandersoft invisible extension – the way that Hermione was able to fit in my small purse in almost an infinite amount of items in the first part of “Deathly Hallows”. The expression “handbag Hermione” has become almost a household word. Apparently, magizoology Salamander has mastered this technique to perfection, not only by placing in your briefcase exotic animals, but also equip them with a decent habitat. However, it is not clear why they’re all each other have not eaten.

Newt’s inside your own suitcase

LITA Estrangeira Lestrange, a mysterious girl with the face of actress Zoe Kravitz, whose portrait keeps in his magic suitcase Salamander. Queenie was a telepath reading the mind of newt and realizes that once he and Lita were good friends (in many ways they were United by a love of fantastic creatures), but then they parted ways. It is known that this girl is guilty of that Salamander was expelled from Hogwarts: once one of the creatures Lita jeopardize a student’s life, and guilt took over newt, for which he was expelled. Of course, the name Lestrange is familiar to every spectator and reader of the “Harry Potter” – it’s hard to forget the image of a charismatic villain of Bellatrice created by Helena Bonham Carter. However, her maiden name was black (she is cousin of Sirius). Surname Lestrange belongs to her husband Rodolphus: his father, in turn, was one of the first supporters of the Volan de mort and studied on the same course with Tom Redlon. Perhaps he was Letha’s nephew. In any case, Director David Yates has promised viewers will not suffer the ignorance and attitude of newt and Lita will be revealed in the next parts of the series. Given the fact that the Slytherin house come mainly hereditary dark mages, Lita with the highest probability is Slisarenko. As Lita is, in fact, one generation older than the flounce-de-mort, perhaps her story will shed light on the formation of dark magic in the world of Rowling.

Helena Bonham-Carter in the image of Bellatrix Lestrange

Quiddicth, is one of the first references made in the film, but it is difficult to assess the Russian-speaking audience. Only when newt arrives in new York, he encounters Mary Lou – hostile representative of the companies “New Salem”, which still knows nothing about his magical essence. A woman asks Newt a question: “are You the seeker?” (Are you a seeker?), to which he answers “I’m more of a hunter actually” (I’m more of a chaser, actually). In the Russian localization of this reference no one noticed, but in the original the word means seeker “seeker”. So Quidditch is called the team member who catches the ball. The catcher himself was Harry Potter.

Harry catches the Snitch

Nucleocounter furry kleptomaniac appear in the world, Rowling is not the first time. Rubeus Hagrid introduced the students to these animals during the events of the book “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire”, and If Jordan sidekick Weasley twins, threw a couple of these critters in the office of Dolores Umbridge, when she was appointed headmistress of Hogwarts.

Nuhl in the movie “Fantastic beasts and where they live”

MAGICAL INSTITUTIONS: the SCHOOL, the ADMINISTRATION AND Bartre main locations of the “Harry Potter” school of Hogwarts, Ministry of magic, pub and Three broomsticks in Hogsmeade – found its mirror image in America of the 1920-ies. About school Livermore we hear only the reference, although details about it can be read on the Pottermore website: it is on the East coast of the country, and teachers pay great attention to the study of magic to the indigenous population of America – Indians.

The cartoon “School of witchcraft and wizardry of Ilverman”

Lush restaurant that we see in the “Fantastic creatures” is a “Blind pig,” a speakeasy bar with prohibition. This can come only mages (Kowalski managed to become probably the only exception). As bars that is described in the “potterian” (Three broomsticks, “boar’s head” and “Leaky cauldron”), “Blind pig” becomes a place of secret meetings and secret negotiations. However, it is more cheeky than the Three broomsticks – in the end, Madame Rosmerta often drop in children enrolled in Hogwarts. But she still regularly pours them butterbeer!

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Sister Goldstein at the entrance to the “Blind pig”

The analogue of the Ministry of magic of MAKUS (Magical Congress of the United States of America), according to Rowling, was founded after the persecution of the Salem witches the surviving members of a magical race. The MAKUS was created on the model of the Council of Wizards in the UK, which was the forerunner of the Ministry of magic. In MAKUS were elected representatives of the magical community from across North America to develop laws that would regulate the life of the American magical community and at the same time protected him. The primary task of MAKUS was getting rid of bounty hunters, traitors who pursued their fellows in the magical world, to get the reward for their capture from the militant non-benders. In the memory in the lobby of MAKUS put a monument to the Salem witches.

Monument to the memory of the Salem witch

THESEUS Salamanders first met makobore Percival graves mistaking newt for his brother, “war hero” Theseus Salamander – about it also mentions a dark-skinned Ambassador for magic the gathering. It is known that he was strong British mrcobra and served in the Ministry of magic. According to Percival, he was with Theseus in the correspondence. It is not known when this correspondence began and ended and how Theseus was divided antiperovskite the idea of Grindelwald (perhaps the dark wizard continued his correspondence). It is likely that similar sentiments that threaten the human world, where not only in America, but in Britain – and even, perhaps, in the family of newt. In any case, if Theseus will appear in the sequel, it will help to better reveal the image of a young magizoology, because in the first part of one of the characters is not his old friend, colleague or relative.

Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live. “History of magic in North America”

PORPENTINA Goldstarcafe that between Tina and newt had a moment, and the audience now look forward to their next meeting and the development of a romantic line. However, attentive readers of the website Pottermore know that Luna Lovegood, one of the members of the “Order of the Phoenix”, after Hogwarts, she married a Rolfe Salamander – grandson of newt and Salamander… Porpentine. As previously reported, Rowling herself, after the wedding, Tina had moved from America to the UK and lived in Dorset with her husband and three smarami (magic seals) – Millie, Betty and the gang.

Porpentine character poster, played by Katherine Waterston

Legitimization, Goldstein, sister Porpentine, knows the art of Legilimency – reading the thoughts of other people. We know that in the original series this ability can use only the most powerful wizard Salazar Slytherin, Albus Dumbledore, Volan de mort and Severus Snape, but for telepathy, they had to use the appropriate spells or use a particular connection (as He-Who-Not-Call got into the mind of Harry, because the boy, in fact, was specially connected with his enemy). Queenie also does not use any additional actions – she just reads minds like an open book, it is not difficult to penetrate the consciousness of others (the problem occurs only with the British – they are too tight, and I think with an accent). Despite the fact that she at the time of appearing in the “Fantastic creatures” made no career and rarely appears in public, it’s possible that it expects a great future. Incidentally, the name Goldstein is also mentioned in the books and films about Harry Potter – the name of Anthony Goldstein is a Ravenclaw prefect and a member of Dumbledore’s army in the Battle of Hogwarts fought on the side of Harry, and before that stood up for the Boy-Who-lived in the Hogwarts Express, when he began to bully Draco Malfoy and his cronies.

Character poster Queenie Goldstein (actress Alison Sudol)

Obscurior is a concentration of the consciousness, possessing a destructive force. One of these is stored in the case of newt, but he is not a “fantastic creature”, but something else – a parasitic energy that appears in children of wizards under the age of ten years, forced to suppress their magical abilities. Such children seldom live to ten years – however, early death managed to avoid the CCR, and he developed in his obscure incredible strength, being able to rein it in. It is possible that the answer to the mystery of this character is yet to come: the creators let slip that filmed the final scene in which the hero is Ezra Miller, alive and unharmed, sits on the same boat where newt is serving in Paris. However, in the end the stage was decided to be cut from the final release, because above this line, it was decided to reflect: but we still saw a trickle of energy flowing out of the new York subway.

Obscure of Credence in the new York subway

Despite the fact that Rowling never addressed the concept of “obscure”, it could be Ariana Dumbledore, sister to Albus. At the age of six, when children magicians usually begin uncontrolled bursts of elemental magic, Ariana was something conjured up in the backyard. Her actions saw three boys-Muggles. They were so intrigued that climbed over the garden fence and began to molest the girl, begging that she showed them what the catch is. Nor to repeat their actions or explain their Ariana couldn’t. Then the boys began to beat her, went into a rage, and stopped them only the appearance of the girl’s father – he later in a fit of anger killed them, and for this crime was forever imprisoned in Azkaban. This incident broke Ariana: she didn’t want to use magic, but could not get rid of it. It turned inward and drove her mad, at times bursting against her will. Then she was strange and even dangerous, though the rest of the time it was a gentle, scared and submissive girl. Ariana, by the way, lived to fourteen years and died accidentally because of the rebounded spell, not his strength.

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The portrait of Ariana Dumbledore, shown in the movies of the original series. Its “face” was the actress Cheb Beardsall

ALBUS dumbldore of reference was seen in the trailer of the great magician and the future Director of Hogwarts mentions graves, asking newt: “What is so found in you Albus Dumbledore?”. As it turned out, after Hogwarts, the question arose about the exclusion Salamander, only Dumbledore stood up for the student. We already know that Albus will be one of the protagonists of the following parts of the “Fantastic beasts”: Rowling promised to reveal his personality and tell a lot of do not know even the most faithful potteromania stories.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live”. The final official trailer

GELLERT Grindelwaldblick made a few years ago the statement Rowling, the whole world know what a great wizard Dumbledore was gay and in his youth felt an attraction to his friend Grindelwald. However, the writer says nothing about the romantic preferences of the villain. Given how intimate the communication of Grindelwald, took the form of the graves, and a young Creedence, maybe in the Wizarding world, Dumbledore is not the only adept of the LGBT community. It is also known that adult Gellert became a kind of counterpart to Hitler in the magical world – such an Association emphasizes the haircut in the spirit of the Hitler youth, which can be seen on the character johnny Depp for a brief second on the screen. By the way, amusing fact: the events of the new series will cover the 19 years the end came in 1945. Perhaps we expect a very obvious Parallels with the historical reality: in the statements of Rowling, you can find hints that he was an accomplice of Nazi Germany and ran the “magical aspect” (the fact that the Nazis were actively interested in occult Sciences – an indisputable fact).

Johnny Depp in the image of Grindelwald

By the way, still remains a mystery the fate of Percival graves. It is possible that Grindelwald killed him or captured, as it was with a Menacing Eye Moody in the movie and the book “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire”, Barty Crouch Jr., who took his form for a long time kept mrakovica in the chest, so as to create a negotiable potions he needed biological material of a living person. There is also the possibility that graves initially was a supporter and friend of Grindelwald and gave him the opportunity to use their appearance voluntarily, at the same time surrendering all passwords and appearance the magic of the Congress, in the end, MARCUS apparently had not noticed any change in the character of Percival, who didn’t show a softness and pliability. It can be assumed that the character Colin Farrell will be back, this time as himself, – however, it is unclear whether it will be on the side of evil or good.

Colin Farrell in the way Percival graves

GIFTS Smarting the Deathly Hallows, a symbolic image of the elder wand, resurrection stone and cloak of invisibility, were seen by the fans of another character-poster Percival graves, played by Colin Farrell. In the movie graves-Grindelwald gives the amulet to his charge, the hidden magician Creedence, and then the artifact is the girl, who was adopted Mary Lou, who also had a secret sympathy for the witch (given the fact that modesty is very developed empathy, it can also be a cold sorceress). According to the legend, the one who will gather together all the three gifts of Death and will become their sole owner, will be considered as Lord of Death, and thus be able to defeat Death itself. Known in the history of only one owner of all three Deathly – Harry Potter.

Character-poster Percival graves, in which a visible symbol of the Deathly Hallows

Much earlier in Grindelwald was obsessed with the idea to collect all the gifts. For example, we know that after graduation from school Durmstrang (myself Gellert nationality was believed to be German or Austro-Hungarian, and he was born either in Germany or in the German part of Switzerland) he spent the summer in England with her great-aunt Bathilda Bagshot, the famous magical historian. It is worth saying that his visit is unlikely to have been caused by family feelings. The fact that his bride lived in Godric’s Hollow, the same village where he lived and was buried Ignotus Peverell — as legend has it, one of those brothers who received gifts from Death. The gellért managed to seize only the elder wand that went to Dumbledore after he defeated his former friend in the duel and imprisoned him in a dungeon Nurmengard.

Young Grindelwald in the performance of Jamie Campbell bower steals the elder wand

VOLDEMORT Montsanto the match: the duration of this “Fantastic creatures” is designated as 1926. It was in this year was born a dark wizard and main antagonist of the “Harry Potter” Tom riddle, aka Lord Volan De mort. Given the fact that the events of the new series will cover the whole nineteen years is hardly a coincidence.

Tom riddle during his first meeting with Professor Dumbledore

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