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“Fantastic beasts”: everything you need to know about the new supervillain

Gellert Grindelwald. This name is still known only to the most attentive readers of the “Harry Potter”, and when it turned out that he will be the most important actor in the new series of the film, the audience was discouraged. Most of those who came to the “Fantastic creatures”, were simply not aware of who it is. Will help to clarify this without fear of spoilers.

“Fantastic beasts”: everything you need to know about the new supervillain

So, at the end of “Fantastic creatures” we see Gellert of Grindelwald, strikingly reminiscent of the appearance of a famous Hollywood actor, who recently had not so many bright movies. Although in the movie it is spoken very little, but something is known quite accurately.

For example, his age. From Gellert of Grindelwald by Albus Dumbledore, the difference in two years, and Dumbledore was born in 1881. So Grindelwald is somewhere in 1883 Dumbledore met Grindelwald when they were very young. It had already expelled from school Durmstrang for some “experiments” and attacks on other students. Two wizards became good friends, because both, as it turned out, had long been interested in the Deathly Hallows. They would spend hours discussing how to find them and bring the Wizarding world from the shadows. Then wizards would rule over the people, “Mughlai”, on the basis of humanity, establishing eternal peace on Earth. The friendship did not last long. In a random encounter Grindelwald killed Dumbledore’s sister Ariana, and it became clear that the total of the two little boys. Grindelwald immediately left England.

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His mark in the books about Harry Potter is terminated at the moment when he got one of the Deathly Hallows, the Elder wand. We only know that he repaired a disaster in Europe, collecting personal army, and in 1945, the year Dumbledore met him and defeated in a massive battle. He took the Elder wand, and Grindelwald was sent to prison Nurmengard where it many years later came Volan de mort in search of the very Elder wand. I received no satisfactory answer, Volan-de-mort killed Grindelwald.

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Trailer for “Fantastic beasts and where they live”

In the movie “Fantastic beasts and where they live” we understand that the journey brought of Grindelwald in the United States, and in the mid 20-ies it under the guise of a powerful wizard graves. participates in the activities of light wizards Magical organization, the Congress of the United States of America, secretly looking for baby obscura. The obscure is an important step to victory over death. In the end, he fails his cover and is forced to flee new York.

From Grindelwald there is a sign – an equilateral triangle, which is inscribed in a circle, and from the top of the peaks lowered the hypotenuse. This sign we will see sequels to “Fantastic creatures”, as well as its owner. But we know how it ends, although there are many examples where the authors of such epics changed the finals, and it builds the story.

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