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Fans will release Fallout 3 on a new engine from Fallout 4

Фанаты выпустят Fallout 3 на новом движке от Fallout 4 The new game will be known as the Capital Wasteland.

Team Road To Liberty has published a video of the gameplay of their version of Fallout 3, which is developed based on Fallout 4. The project is called Capital Wasteland.

In the video you can see the changed subway tunnels, the battle with a super mutant-a Hippo in the vicinity of Washington and a personal meeting with the main character, a famous radio host Tridognayta.

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The work on the project, it became known late last year when its founders launched their own website.

Enthusiasts planning to recreate the whole game locations, quests and dialogues — on the basis of the new version of the engine Creation Engine used in Fallout 4.

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