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Fans trying to reconcile Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan

November 18, Ksenia Sobchak gave birth to a firstborn son, whose name is still secret. And a few weeks after giving birth she has continued to lead the same active lifestyle as before the pregnancy. Sobchak attends movie premieres, and conducts events and charity auctions.

Recently she celebrated the first mini-birthday son — 1 month. It would seem that the joy of the parents has no limits, but the next day the young mother shared with fans their feelings and thoughts about the attitude of people.

Ksenia wrote: “People become close gradually, strangers — instantly. Omar Khayyam ©. Take care of what you have. If you do not cherish, always there comes a time when whatever you do — it’s too late” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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Fans immediately speculated that the new parents had a fight: “Ksenia, God forbid, that it’s the hormones. You are a beautiful couple, you have a son, too, probably handsome. Do not swear, everyone is different, hope it’s just momentary frustration, that happens”, “If it is difficulties with your husband, try to hear it!”, “Unfortunately, Ksenia. Now you have both the most delicate and the most difficult time, take care of each other and hold fast.”

Although there were those who decided that Xenia do not quarrel with her husband, and with friends: “You know, Xenia, birth of children, such as half friends dropping out for some reason. Sad, but true.”

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Recall, December 15, Kseniya called for the charity auction “leopard boom”, which took place on the fourth floor of the Moscow Central Department store, without her husband. This is the first ever Department store charity auction, where the struggle for the objects of the autumn-winter shop Windows. Xenia has appeared at auction without Maxim Vitorgan. For the publication of TV presenter chose the dress to the floor Masterpeace with a floral pattern and the iconic Hermès Kelly bag, the cost of which reaches half a million rubles.

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