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Fans Pelagia sure that the singer gave birth to

Singer Pelageya ever put my personal life. When it became known about the wedding singer with the hockey player Ivan by Telegony, and then about her pregnancy, the star and went into hiding, refusing to star in the new season of the show “the Voice.”

About pregnancy popular singer and mentor show “the Voice” talking in the summer. And now netizens are sure, Pelagia gave birth. Fans don’t know how to respond: “Speak, gave birth to a boy. Pelageya Beauty!”, “So I do not understand, she gave birth to?” “I’m not really in her pregnancy believed” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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Even more intrigue creates the singer, posting pictures of “no belly”. Recently, the Network appeared the picture with a young fan Pelagia, where the artist also hides and shows himself to his full height. We will remind, the singer appeared in a congratulatory video dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the transfer of KVN. Artist to not focus on your situation, starred in the video only zone.

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The singer has not commented on his position, and fans can only guess and wait for a new occurrence of Pelagia in public.

Певица Пелагея кардинально изменила имидж

Артистка отрастила и перекрасила волосы

Теперь место Пелагеи на шоу «Голос» займет Полина Гагарина

Дима Билан и Пелагея посетили съемки нового сезона шоу

Дима Билан

Пелагея и Дима Билан

Пелагея   Starface

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