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Fans of rap can not boast of a high IQ

Поклонники рэпа не могут похвастаться высоким IQ

American psychological Association together with their Oxford colleagues conducted a large-scale study on the relationship of music preference and IQ.

Поклонники рэпа не могут похвастаться высоким IQ

To ensure that the results were international in nature, the researchers initiated a social survey in different countries. To participate managed 36 thousands of music lovers.

Respondents talked about their musical preferences and were personality and cognitive tests. Experts, collect and analyze the results confirmed the existence of a link between music preference and IQ.

Thus, respondents with a high IQ prefer jazz, classical and varieties of heavy music. Fans of rap music, as shown by the results of the study do not have a high intelligence, but have high self esteem and the same can be said about fans of popular music.

Interestingly, classical and heavy metal music attracts similar types of people; the only difference is age. Fans of heavy metal, as noted by the authors of the study, like the Wagner epic, and bold.


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