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Fans criticized the new passion of Anna Sedokova

Фанаты раскритиковали новое увлечение Анны СедоковойAnna Sedokova showed their culinary skills

Famous singer Anna Sedokova wanted to arrange a holiday for daughters to bake Armenian cake.

However, the celebrity was a little miscalculated your forces, so the preparation of the dessert has turned into a real chaos in the kitchen.

First on his official page in Instagram Sedokova told the fans that decided to make for daughters Alina and Monica’s home party, preparing a cake for a complex recipe. But a small amount of experience in this matter complicated the cooking process.

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“We did it! Though not without sacrifice. Face it — we are still far from the ideal chefs. Done: put the oven on to heat up all the pans in the house; to forget to buy the main component for the cream; arrange a home fire, sprinkle yourself and the whole kitchen with flour; peremejateisa dough; place in Institoris 10001 live; to laugh and have fun like crazy. The cake in the refrigerator, the kids are almost asleep, kitchen is clean — the happiness house.” – signed picture of Anna Sedokova.

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In the end, Anna still managed to make their babies delicious. In Instagram, the singer appeared a photo with the cake and a brief description of its preparation. After the cake has criticized members, Anna removed his picture.

Фанаты раскритиковали новое увлечение Анны Седоковой

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