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Fan posters werewolf movie “Barnhill road” cooler official!

That Director Todd sheets shoots old-school horror about werewolves, we wrote back in April. Then the man collected money for shooting and to date has collected more than 500% more than requested. He just asked a little bit.

The picture is called “Barnhill road”, positioned it as a mix of “Howling” and “Companion”, and the main feature of the project is the absolute commitment of the creators of practical effects. No CGI! Only trash, waste, and nostalgia! Well, it could be fun.

A pleasant surprise for fans Sheats, and probably for the Sheats, was a collection of alternative posters for “Barnhill road”, surfaced on the web. After all, these arts are markedly steeper than the official! However, the official can be called a stretch. For example, the poster that we posted during the first appearance of the werewolf from the movie, as it turned out emblazoned art, steal from the Russian artist Anton Semenov. About it in the comments we promptly announced to the writer and denizen of the Zone Horror Alexey Provotorov. Looks and art on the poster is much worse than the original. Other posters were better, but not much.

I wonder what alternative posters are also created by the Russian artist Alexander Cherepanov from Ekaterinburg!

I admire his work (this is a real stylish, old school, not just trash!), well, waiting for news from Sheats about the start of filming.

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