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Fan of Watch Dogs 2 have confused the virtual world with real

Фанат Watch Dogs 2 спутал виртуальный мир с реальнымA clip from the movie brought other players into rapture.

Video game developers increasingly began to recreate in their games real city. And one of the fans of Watch Dogs 2 was shocked when the game was on point, which is visible from the window of his real home.

The only discrepancy between the virtual and the real world — no coast hacker. One of the gamers joked that the scene could be even more dramatic if the game character would see the house where lives the player and saw him in the virtual world. However, some admitted that such a development would be incredibly creepy. In just a few hours, the publication has collected more than a thousand comments and more gamers admit that they impressed a small video, more than many of the modern films.

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It is worth noting that the attention of the Ubisoft team to recreate San Francisco in the game mentioned before. Just after the release of gamers have compared some screenshots with real pictures of the city and was amazed at how well the team managed to recreate metropolis in the game. Published by the author in gif format the movie has collected more than 400 thousand views.

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