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Famous volunteer called Savchenko “a mouthpiece of the Kremlin”. Video

Известный волонтер назвал Савченко "рупором Кремля". ВидеоMiroslav Gai told about the mission Savchenko.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Hope Savchenko, the Kremlin uses as one of the elements of a hybrid war, as his mouthpiece.

This opinion was expressed by the volunteer Miroslav Gai.

“These actions in the political arena of Hope Savchenko, the requirements that need to negotiate, message, which she throws whitewash the direction coincide with the desires of the Kremlin. That’s what they want: the other side to Lodge white and fluffy. To give this war a civil status that it does not conflict with the intervention of the Russian side and their military. It is their goal, and they use their agents or contractors,” he said.

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As emphasized by guy, the fifth column in Ukraine is very strong, but there is a tool that is able to defeat her.

“The fifth column in Ukraine is strong, because we have with Russia are linked with the business… with Regards to the fifth column, it is necessary to calculate. If we, God forbid, will be elections, I have always said that the push to power and vote for those politicians who are Pro-European and Pro-American position. The reason I say Pro-Ukrainian? Because all shout that they are Pro-Ukrainian. We see that those who do openly Pro-Kremlin statements, have the white shirts and the biggest Ukrainian flags. This is a great trend for us, it’s new, when the Russians want here to push their agents under the guise of patriots”, – said the volunteer.

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