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Famous Ukrainian singer unexpectedly spoke about Ukrainians

Знаменитый украинский певец неожиданно высказался об украинцахOleh Skrypka noted the important similarity between Ukrainians and Japanese.

Famous Ukrainian singer Oleg Skrypka has joined the project “Okiagari of Koboshi”, having a traditional Japanese doll with their daughters. They supported the action of solidarity with victims of a Large vostochnoevropeiskogo the earthquake and the accident at the NPP “Fukushima-1”.

The published in Facebook.

“It is my great honor to join the project “Okiagari of Koboshi”. This traditional doll that my daughters and painted, symbolizing the invincibility of the Japanese spirit, the ability of this nation to stand together against adversity, particularly on this scale, as Large vostochnobeisky earthquake and the accident at NPP “Fukushima-1″. It is my sincere moral support of the Japanese people, who courageously overcomes the ordeal,” said Violin. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to him, the creation of this doll with children helped to feel the kinship of Ukrainian and Japanese peoples.

“And Ukrainians for centuries to protect their homes from evil spirits. Our dolls and okiagari of koboshi, is a symbol of wisdom and spiritual connection between generations. The patterns on the embroidery in the Ukrainian sound heart achingly as well as drawings for kimono in Japanese. The Ukrainians and the Japanese sincerely believe that the spiritual charms to protect home comfort and harmony, are not allowed in the house by an evil force. These amulets laid great strength of spirit of our great nation. And – our ability to overcome natural disasters and the machinations of enemies,” says the singer.

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