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Famous Ukrainian singer made a statement about the future of Ukraine

Знаменитый украинский певец сделал заявление о будущем УкраиныVakarchuk talked about something dangerous for Ukraine

The main temptation for the Ukrainian society can become a “pre-election” fever in the next year, which is in danger of becoming a “trap” for the country. This was stated by the leader of the group “Okean Elzy” and social activist Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

“Most importantly, avoid the temptation to spend 2018 as if you were campaigning for the elections.I understand that the task is not easy, but if you manage to avoid this trap as civil society and the authorities, the opposition, there is a chance to achieve many important goals that will yield concrete benefits for citizens. If not, we risk losing even what we had,” he said.

According to Vakarchuk, while the politicians cannot find a common stance on important national issues. “I’ll be honest: I would love to have all the key players in Ukrainian politics next year could, at least in General terms to agree among themselves on the most fundamental national issues and have a common position. On a rational level, I see no reason for that to happen, so as someone who loves his country and genuinely wants to include it in the category of hoping for a miracle,” said the singer.

By the way, Vakarchuk spoke about his presidential ambitions. “I never made any promises politicians and businessmen, and smiles at the conspiracy theories about who is funding me, lead me or who manipulates. I have never declared their presidential ambitions. I’m not going to do it today,” – said the singer.

Also the leader of the group “Okean Elzy” and public figure noted that he is “absolutely independent, self-sufficient and financially independent man.”

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