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Famous Ukrainian singer made a splash on the popular talent show. Video

Известная украинская певица произвела фурор на популярном талант-шоу. ВидеоThe legendary singer decided to return to the stage.

Ukrainian singer Katya Chilly, which was popular in the late 1990s – early 2000s, captivated the judges with his voice during a performance of the song “Svetlitsa” in the framework of the vocal show “voice of the country-7”.

The corresponding video of a female singer, you can look in YouTube.

Recall that according to the rules of the project, listen to the performers are blind: the judges ― star coaches sit with their back to the participants, and only if the voice of the singer “hooked” ― turn to him, meaning the team of a professional. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

First Katya Chilly turned Potapov and Sergey Babkin ― they were discouraged by what they saw. And in the final seconds as synchronous and at the same time the button is pressed Jamal and Tina Karol.

All jury members expressed their admiration for the vocals of the singer, and some even noted that the show came the legend, and that they grew up listening to Katya Chilly. While the singer looked quite bewildered and even in tears.

To little to defuse the situation, the judge invited the singer to experiment with a song – this helped Jamal and Sergey Babkin, staging a kind of jam session.

In the end, the singer made a rather unexpected choice – she decided to continue to participate in the show in the team of Tina Karol.

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