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Famous Ukrainian singer has changed

Известная украинская певица сильно измениласьNatalia Walewska radically changed her image.

Ukrainian singer Natalia Valevskaya (VALEVSKAYA) left the ranks of star blondes and surprised his fans with an unexpected change.

Recently, the actress boasted on his page in Instagram a radical new hair color.

“Everyone remembers what I like and not afraid of change? So today confidently in a new way! New image – a new creative breath! Goodbye, blonde!” signed frame of the star.

“Eyes immediately became bigger and brighter”, “hair Color highlights your eyes and makes them brighter,but it adds age”, “it suits You very well dark hair,” commented the subscribers.

The description also said that soon will present to the audience video for the new track titled “Fly”.

Известная украинская певица сильно изменилась

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