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Famous TV host ridiculed the construction of the Kerch bridge

Известная телеведущая высмеяла строительство Керченского мостаLarisa Voloshina laughed at the bench with a view of the future bridge.

The construction of the so-called bridge across the Kerch Strait of the occupation by the Russian authorities continues to be a laughingstock.

About it on air “Columnist.LIVE” said the journalist, TV presenter and blogger Larissa Voloshin.

“The Russians put a bench where you can sit and observe the Crimean bridge. That is, they have a big win – bench by the water where you see the bridge. In fact, the Crimean bridge is the byword. At us in Kharkov agreements, was prescribed the construction of this bridge. We had had several joint projects on the Kerch bridge. This is a very expensive project and experts say it is impossible,” – said the blogger.

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She also noted that before the ice destroyed the bridge built after the liberation of the Peninsula from the Nazis in 1944.

“I want to remind you that the so-called Crimean bridge existed. Even during the Yalta conference Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill went on the bridge. There was a train on the bridge, but it was destroyed. I do not want the nature of the connections of the Crimean Peninsula with Russia”, – said Voloshin.

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According to her, the construction itself began only to launder budget money.

“I think the Russians will just wash money on the Kerch bridge. Also an interesting story that Crimeans really wanted to work builders on this bridge, but Russia has ordered that the Russian builders. And there were lots of messages that people just do not pay wages, as Rothenberg (approximate to Putin, the owner of the company-contractor. – Ed) are under sanctions and there was a constant turnover of personnel”, – said the presenter.

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