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Famous swords, which were legends. Photo

 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. ФотоThe twelve swords of the mysteries of the legends and history

There are swords, legends who energized the imaginary and real bloody stories of murder and confrontation. The sword is the only weapon in a fairy tale, and in the history left a trail. Offer to meet with swords, the legend of which can be a reality, and stories, which cast doubt on their truth.

The sword in the stone

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 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

At that time, as the legends of king Arthur belong to the genre of folk tales and myths, there is evidence that the story of the sword in the stone may be a reality. In the chapel of the town Montesiepi in Italy is a real sword in the stone, which could be a clue to the origin of the legend of Excalibur. Not superfluous to recall the history of the canonization of the Tuscan knight Galgano Guidotti, who plunged a sword into the stone, showing the Archangel Michael that is also difficult sins to part, to split the stone sword. The fact that the original the legend of Arthur, the mention of the sword was not, and it appeared after the story of the Tuscan knight. Many doubt that the sword of the Italian chapel belonged to knight, but the fact that it was made in the 12th century, no doubt, as this fact was proven by researcher Luigi Garlaschelli from the University of Pavia, the result of radiocarbon Dating.

The Sword Of Kusanagi

 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

The legend of the sword of Kusanagi, known as the “sword of the serpent”, talks about what it found in the body of a dragon with eight heads, who was killed by the God of storms and seas. The sword has always been considered a symbol of power and valor of the emperors of Japan and a Testament to the fact that the Japanese dynasty has a heavenly origin, which comes from the goddess of the Sun and has the full right to power. For several centuries, the sword has not been seen, but to assume that he is in the sanctuary of Atsuta in Nagano. During the coronation of the Emperor his stand on ceremony, but since he’s always wrapped up in matter, no one really has seen him. Worldwide wonder if there is a sword really. In documents and oral stories of the sword mention, but this is not a proof of his existence. At the end of the Second world war, when the Emperor of Japan renounced the divine origin of his power, he ordered all to keep the Imperial regalia, to which the sword belongs.


 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

For several centuries in the rock above the chapel of Notre-Dame in Rocamadour, France, sticks out the Holy sword durandal, which, according to legend, stuck the knight Roland, that they had no enemies. More than ten centuries, pilgrims have visited this Holy place until the local authorities in 2011 did not cut the sword out of the mountain, and moved it to the Museum of the middle Ages. As always there are doubts about the originality of the sword. The knight Roland, a famous historical personality and battle in which he died, is mentioned in documents, but it was founded elsewhere, in the valley of Ronceval, and it is unlikely that the hero would be able to throw a sword for hundreds of kilometers. For the first time the sword spoke, the monks of the chapel of Rocamadour hundreds of years later, then appeared the “Song of Roland”. The fact that in the chapel of Ronald started his last journey.

The curse of the swords of Muramasa

 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

It is known that Muramasa is a Japanese swordsman and blacksmith who, according to legend, constantly prayed to the gods that they gave him swords the most destructive force. And the gods heard of the master, and gave him a unique quality swords bloodthirsty demon. Since then many owners of the sword either went crazy or were killed. The fact that the weapon must be constantly fed with blood, and if the owner for some time did not participate in battle, then killed himself. Therefore, any version of the curse, which was awarded the swords Muramasa. As a result, the order of shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, who died almost all members of the family (grandfather died by the sword, and the father and the shogun was injured), it was forbidden to use them. According to legend, the wife and the adopted son of the shogun also died by the sword. But maybe that’s not the curses, and that these weapons are often used at that time in Japan, as it was very high quality, and mass produced wizard school Muramasa for centuries. And all that happened with the family of the shogun can be considered a coincidence.

Swords Honjo Masamune

 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

In contrast to the bloodthirsty swords of Muramasa, which was officially banned in Japan, the swords of the swordsman and the blacksmith Masamune was considered a national treasure. According to legend, when the two masters competed, whose sword is better, Masamune sword when lowered into the river is not cut, nothing worthy of death in its path it touches, even the air, unlike weapons Muramasa. Another mysterious story connected with a Masamune. At the end of the Second world war, one of the swords fell into the hands of an American soldier, Sergeant Koldi Bimaru, and he took it as a souvenir home. But neither the soldiers nor the sword has not been found. Despite the multimillion-dollar cost and a great value sword, collectors for tens of years and failed to find the legendary sword.

Sword Joies

 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

The legendary sword, able during the day to change its color to thirty times, belonged to the Roman Emperor Charlemagne. On a Sunny day, according to legend, the sword glowed brighter than the Sun. From 1271 in the ceremony of coronation in France was attended by two sword Joyes that simply could not be, as it is unique, so it is impossible to determine which of them is real. The sword that is in the Louvre, has undergone many changes, and the oldest part is the handle, which dates back to 10-11 centuries, and the Emperor died in the year 813, that is, the sword could not well belong to him. In Austria in the Imperial Treasury is the sword of Charlemagne, which also pretends to be called Joyes. But it, too, dates back to the 10th century, which eliminates all the assumptions. There is a version that the sword belonged to the leader of the Huns of Attila, but historians reject this version.

The sword belonging to Saint Peter

 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

Another legend requires evidence. This time, it concerns the sword of St. Peter, which he cut off the ear of the assistant high priest in the garden of Gethsemane. According to legend, the sword and the Holy Grail was taken to England by Joseph of Arimathea, but in the year 986, he is in Poland, but if it was a sword, is not known. Despite the doubts, the sword was considered a relic and left in Poznan. It is impossible to assert with confidence that the sword belonged to Peter, as the results of the analysis of the weapon was made after the death of the Apostle. Instance, which is in Poland, was made in the Eastern part of the Roman Empire and during the reign of Peter were not used.

The Sword Of Walessa

 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

According to legend, William Wallace, the hero of the film “brave heart”, used the skin of murdered them Treasurer of Scotland, Hugh de Cressingham, for the manufacture of the harness. There is still mention of the fact that the skin of the murdered Wallace has taken on the girth on the saddle. But as these legends were told by the British, who wanted to emphasize the bloodlust of Wallace, it is impossible to believe everything. According to another legend, king James IV was required to replace the sheath, the handle and the belt made from the skin of Cressingham, other suitable for the legendary sword materials. The question of ownership of the sword of Wallace, too, remains open, since the truth is lost in the past.

The Sword Of Hossana

 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

In the crypt in China in 1965, archeologists found an amazing sword. The fact is that, despite his age, and he was more than two thousand years, the sword was no rust, no damage, and the blade was so sharp that one of the members of the expedition were injured. In addition, all impressed filigree engraving that could not be so skillfully executed at the time. The sword was a real mystery for experts. In the study of the engraving, it was found that the legendary sword belonged to the king of Yue was mentioned in “the Lost history of Yue”. According to legend, in the collection of Gozzano it was the only great and worthy sword, manufactured by the forces of Heaven and Earth.
Why the sword has not become subject to time? Swordsmen of that time enjoyed a high level of metallurgical technology, as a result, received a corrosion-resistant alloy from which the blade and made. In addition to special alloys, swords were processed by special structures, and the sheath was tight, and that helped the weapon to retain its original look within two years.

Semizbay sword

 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

The document, which describes the early history of Japan was the mention of the sword of the Nihon Shoki, belonging to the Empress-Jingu Shrine shaman. And at the end of the Second world war in Japan, in Isonokami Jingu Shrine, found an unusual sword with six branches (the seventh was considered the blade). Time has left its mark on the state of the sword, but the inscription, which was able to decipher was that it was a gift to the Japanese Emperor from the king of Korea. Isonokami Jingu Shrine and the time when the sword of the Nihon Shoki was produced to coincide with references to credible sources in China, Japan and Korea. Thus, it was found real proof of the legend.


 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

The Museum in Burgos, Spain, boasts one of its exhibits, namely, a sword that might have belonged to El CID, a participant in the Reconquista and the Spanish hero, who defended the Christians and Muslims. The enemies were afraid not only of the legendary hero, but the mention of the sword, as evidenced by the poem “the Word about the El side”. Before the sword began to pass from generation to generation in the family, the False, the Marquis received him from the hands of king Ferdinand in 1516. In 1944, the weapons deposited in the Museum of martial arts of Madrid, where he stayed for the next 60 years. After the Marquis sold the sword for exhibition at the Museum of Burgos, the Ministry of culture has reported that it is made after the specified period, and could not belong to the El CID. But non-state-examination denied the statement of the Ministry.


 Знаменитые мечи, о которых слагали легенды. Фото

Swords of the Viking Ulfberht that existed for thousands of years, won fame not only in combat feats, but also the quality of steel, which the other Nations of Europe at that time was not available. Low carbon steel sword with the logo “+ULFBERH+T” in strength was matched only with modern material. The quality of steel Europe captured only during the period of the Industrial revolution. There is a theory that such a steel, the Vikings were brought from Iran and Afghanistan. And yet it is still unknown whether Ulfberht one person or group of masters.

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